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Expandiverse Metaverse IP has already been cited 1,759 times.  

318 of the patent citations (1/6th of the total) are from Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft. 

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Competitive Analyses

A New Map of the World: The Real World Metaverse™

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Digital Acceleration Advantages

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Competitive Analyses

How do your technology and product strategies compare to the world's Top 5 Competitors... Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft?

Instead of being forced to buy separate products and brands, the Expandiverse adds a new "People-First" layer. Every person is elevated to decide their devices, their digital environments, their interfaces and how commerce works for them — and does it privately.

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In the Expandiverse the world works for people, instead of people working for the world

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The Expandiverse makes every person "Digitally Wealthy" by using real devices, virtual devices and subsidiary devices — so everyone benefits from humanity’s combined devices, knowledge and resources.

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Expandiverse “Shared Life Spaces” (SLS) add user-controlled “digital environments” for work, life and play. These replace telecoms, video conferencing, online events, etc. with real-time "presences" and new digital super-powers everywhere you want to live.

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Expandiverse users decide and control their devices' interfaces. They choose their goals, which replaces what they don't want with what they want. Vendors help each person reach their goals, or they are replaced digitally by what helps.

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Privacy and Protections


The Expandiverse adds seven new kinds of privacy and protections technology. These elevate users to more protected devices, protected digital environments, and protected interfaces, ads and content.


A New Map of the World:  The Real World Metaverse™

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540 AD: The Spiritual World

In the 500's the Christian cartographer Cosmas Indicopleustes wrote a 12-volume "Christian Topography" that reflects his view that the world is flat. In this map from about 540, he depicted the inhabited world as a rectangle surrounded by an ocean, with Adam's Paradise in the East (on the far right) beyond the ocean.

While spiritual parts are not visible, many people chose to identify and live a spiritual life.

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1544: The Physical World

The Venetian (Italian) explorer Sebastian Cabot led two of the earliest exploratory voyages to North America in 1504 and 1508. In 1512 he became a cartographer (map maker) to the King of England. This is Cabot's world map from 1544, showing the known physical world during the generation after Columbus discovered the New World.

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While countries' borders are not visible, most people choose to identify and live as a country's citizen.

1942: The World of Countries

Today's system of centrally controlled, independent sovereign countries, is surprisingly recent. The graph on the right shows that many countries were just formed in the 1900's since World War I. By 1942, the map on the left shows how these new countries were helping create today's system of nation states.

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1972: The First Time People See and Image the Whole Earth

This photo is the famous Blue Marble, the first full view photo of the whole Earth taken by a person. Humanity reached this milestone on December 7, 1972, during the Apollo 17 flight to the Moon. In a flash borders vanish, ecosystems grow central, and our togetherness on a fragile and limited Earth turns undeniable forever.

2020's: The First Physical–Digital–Virtual Planet

Will the Online-First World move every person to the top so their decisions rule them all?

Our next map is already arriving, the Expandiverse, the Real World Metaverse. This moves every person to the top, so every person can run their growing number of layers digitally: Each person's decisions controls the physical world, the Internet and virtual worlds.

Are we really stuck inside of today's crises from climate disasters, pandemics, chronic diseases, wars, digital surveillance and dictatorial governments that destroy human rights?

Or do we live in an obsolete bubble that will burst when everyone can choose their reality, elevate their personal life and help solve the world's problems? 

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While the virtual layers are not visible, many people will choose to identify and use the virtual on their existing devices, as well as on new VR-AR-XR devices. 


Some Leaders' Citations of Expandiverse Technology

28 Patent Citations by

38 Patent Citations by

116 Patent Citations by


Expandiverse IP Citations by Experts Who Know Cutting-Edge Technology

One-third of the Expandiverse's 1,759 patent citations — 635 citations — are by 20 tech leaders

U.S. Patent Examiners' most cited IP in 2017

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What happens when new applicants try to patent what the Expandiverse already filed at the Patent Office? In 2017 U.S. patent examiners cited Expandiverse IP more than any other Intellectual Property when they reviewed new patent applications.

The U.S. Patent Office is where new technology is judged and certified as a real innovation. Patent examiners cite technology that is first. They use it to prevent new applicants from re-patenting an existing invention.They cite Expandiverse IP.

Tech's leaders cite this repeatedly

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What does big tech's R&D do? Its leading companies invest billions to create and patent the technologies they need so they can lead a digital-first planet. When they cite technology that's in their bullseye, they cite Expandiverse IP again and again.

The average patent is cited just 3 to 6 times. Out of every million patents, only 100 patents are cited more than 100 times. The Expandiverse is cited more than 99.9% of all patents*, and its citations are led by tech leaders.

* B. Hall, "Using patent data as indicators,” Slides 20, 22, 29, https://eml.berkeley.edu/~bhhall/papers/BHH13_using_patent_data.pdf


Why is Expandiverse IP Cited so Often? It makes the Metaverse the Real World in many ways

E-commerce proves that digital actions produce real world revenues and real product deliveries. The Expandiverse Real World Metaverse™ works the same: When you're in the Metaverse and you want a burger, order it and it will be bought and delivered in the real world.

The same is true for the life you want. Do it in the Expandiverse Metaverse and it happens on all your devices, changes your Real World, and you receive it for real.

So can every person and business be moved to the top? Imagine taking a rapid leap upward in the Metaverse: How would you and everyone rise toward the top by being Online-First? Humanity's combined digital abilities and resources are at your fingertips. You set your goals then receive active guidance instantly during online steps, succeeding rapidly at full speed on all your devices, all day long. Your life keeps improving in the ways you choose.

In this new world, you and everybody become the leaders who help solve the climate crisis, health, inequality and social justice.

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With the Expandiverse, people choose the goals. Then they receive real-time solutions that help them succeed. This private assistance replaces tech's surveillance platforms for search, advertising and shopping. Everyone is served personally, in an online-first world where being connected makes everyone as good as the best in the world.
Part of the Expandiverse IP roadmap is a Real World Generator patent, how each person can develop the Metaverse so that it changes the real world. This "patent from the future" is planned to be part of the Stage 1 Expandiverse patent "stack."


Next IP Growth: Valuation and Divisionals

Independent, expert IP valuation

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How much is this worth? Fortunately, experts have valued this IP. The cost-benefits relationships are remarkable.

Divisionals: A patent family and IP portfolio

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Some areas of technology are more important to you than others. Here's what the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification includes, so you can build the patent family that fits your goals. We're glad to help with your IP roadmap, Expandiverse patent filings and IP asset management.


We are Already More Advanced than You Know

Don't waste time when you need digital accelerations and transformations. Good innovations are often hard and slow. Instead, direct shortcuts can pay for themselves.

The Expandiverse is much more than IP. It is a way to choose your future technology, role and leadership by the mid-2020's.

Our services include new technology, strategy and helping develop your advances. We listen well, are easy to work with, and help you reach your goals. 

Let's start with your most important question:  Where do you want to go, and when do you want to get there?

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What do You do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget?

For assistance, services, keynote or articles contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

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Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

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