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Metaverse Roadmap


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People can run the Real World with a Metaverse Operating System

1-8:  "Assembly Layers" in the "Personal Solutions Metaverse Operating System"

1:  Choose your goals, take digital control of your connected devices

2:  Active Guide: See your personal solutions in real-time

3:  Metaverse Commerce: Start sustainable ESG consumption

4:  "GO FAST" ease of use: Find, try, save and re-use your "best solutions"

5:  See your results and your progress to your goals

6:  ESG Personal Solutions businesses get the revenues and profits

7:  Automate the discovery and delivery of new and better solutions

8:  Kick-start RISE's ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse Economy

Five of the moats protecting people, companies and this Metaverse

Summary: Parts of the Everybody RISE demonstration platform

Next Step


1981: Microsoft OS ran COMPUTERS.
2005: Android OS ran PHONES.
NOW: Expandiverse Virtual OS will let every person run the WORLD by delivering
the PERSONAL SOLUTIONS each person chooses.

Operating Systems (OS) Change How the World Works: Here is the PERSONAL SOLUTIONS Metaverse Operating System

Today’s Metaverse is usually described as an experiential environment that you go into by putting on a VR headset, smart glasses, or another device that takes you there.

The Expandiverse flips this. Its Real World Metaverse is immersive, invisible digital layers that come to you. Its layers run on your existing devices (as well as on VR-AR-XR headsets and smart glasses). This Real World Metaverse gives every person new abilities to decide the real world, set its goals and run the WORLD directly.

Empowered by the Expandiverse's Real World Metaverse, people can use the Expandiverse Personal Solutions OS to improve their real lives and solve the real world's problems

1981: Computer
Operating System

Microsoft's best acquisition ever was buying QDOS for $50K*. Microsoft licensed it to IBM and other PC vendors for the Personal Computer's operating system. This purchase was the cash cow that enabled Microsoft to grow into the beating heart of most of the world's personal computers.

2005: Phone
Personal PHONE
Operating System

Google's best acquisition ever was Android, when it bought this startup for $50 million*. Google gave the Android OS to the world's smart phone vendors for free so long as they used Google's services. Because Android is on over 80% of the world's smart phones, Google's services are used by billions of people worldwide, every day.

Metaverse Operating System*

The Expandiverse adds a Virtual PERSONAL SOLUTIONS Operating System.* This changes today's "system" from user-centered to user-decided. This OS empowers every person to make this a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. People choose their goals and Rise toward achieving them.

* Major components from Expandiverse Intellectual Property, with 1,759 patent citations.

What does a Personal Solutions Metaverse Operating System do?*

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Are Metaverse Standards Groups working on the wrong transition?

A growing number of standards groups are focused on the step from the Internet to the Metaverse, blockchain, crypto and Web3.

They're producing walled silos that don't interoperate with each other. Individual vendors are not giving up their control.

The Expandiverse adds new IP for today's real world step to a single physical-digital-virtual planet. It's tech is a design for history's first Universally Successful planet that includes everyone.

In 5 to 20 years, there is a chance to live where every person controls their devices, chooses their goals and companies prosper by delivering real time ESG solutions that can help everyone advance all day long. New services could monetize billions of daily improvements, as people’s lives and the planet improve in the ways people choose, everywhere at once.

* Future scenario, not a case history

"Assembly Layers" in the Personal Solutions Metaverse Operating System 

Patent Pending*: Henry Ford's Assembly Line Transformed the Economy: Now Expandiverse "Assembly Layers" Adds Digital Assembly Lines for Goals

*U.S. Patent Pending

People, companies and societies have important goals they can't reach today. How will we fix that?

Ford's Assembly Line built modern economies and societies: Can Expandiverse Assembly Layers empower everyone to build their lives, the economy and a sustainable world?

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In 1913 Henry Ford's new Assembly Line founded mass production, created the middle class and changed society. It transformed products, consumption, working conditions and economic competition.

Today, the world's biggest, most damaging problems seem beyond our personal reach. That will change when a digital Goals Assembly Layer puts each person in control, with new abilities to decide their goals and achieve them.

A new Expandiverse Assembly Layer empowers everyone to receive digital exponential growth with the "FAST Results" User Experience (FAST is Find, Act, Save, Transform). This continuous engagement model includes:

  1. Find: Choose your goals and the best ESG solutions are displayed in real-time. The "system" is changed to help people achieve the goals they want
  2. Act: See your solutions as Active Guide displays them, so everyone can try the solutions they want
  3. "GO FAST UX": Connected commerce's User Experience (UX) is continuous engagement "GO FAST" User Experience: Choose your GOals, Then Find, Act, Save and Transform
  4. Use your best solutions: For the solutions you like, try, save and start re-using the solutions you want
  5. Transform as you see your results: As they re-use the best solutions, everyone knows their results, their progress to their goals, and their sustainability
  6. Improve solutions by knowing results: Companies join to access customers, deliver solutions, learn results and see how to improve their solutions
  7. Fill gaps by seeing what's missing in the best solutions, to reach goals by continuously improving solutions and discovering the best improvements
  8. Change the world by switching to an ESG Solutions Economy: Switch to a people-first world: People choose goals and take control, so that "the system" can build and deliver the best solutions

Choose your goals, take digital control of your connected devices

Patented*: People-First Control: Switch from the "System's Choices" to User-Controlled Goals and Choices

*U.S. Patent 11,222,298

Choose your goals. Take control. See your personal solutions.

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Today's "system" presents your choices — the ads, products and services that you buy to live, and the content you use to learn. Many of these are presented by tech surveillance platforms that track everyone.

Too many people want to end the choices that annoy them and harms the world. And they also want the choices they like.

Now Expandiverse Technology lets users decide their goals — like sustainability, health, prosperity and inclusion. This digitally replaces the ads, products, content and companies so they see what they want. This new control spans a user's devices so their choices move with them.

When people set the goals, they move to the top, above tech's surveillance platforms. Tipping points are triggered when enough people the same goals. Scientific American reports a surprisingly small 25% tipping point in "The 25% Revolution—How Big Does a Minority Have to Be to Reshape Society?"

For example, people could switch their digital choices from fossil fuels to renewables simply by digitally replacing the 100 companies that are the source of over 70% of the world's carbon emissions since 1988. 

Example: People decide how fast to end the climate crisis and fix the world

(Click image to see full size)

Self-determination is a universal right. Next, people can decide how FAST they will grow the sustainable economy, and when they will END the non-sustainable economy.

Every person can select the timeline that requires companies to change or be replaced digitally. Since turning sustainable takes years, this example starts at 25% in 2023 and reaches 100% in 2030. Other timelines could be selected easily from a list. Timelines could be provided by third-parties like the United Nations SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals), leading climate change organizations, and activists like Greta Thunberg and #FridaysForFuture.

How many people will take digital control? A pre-cursor example is ad blocking, and 47% of Internet users in 2019 used ad blocking. That was estimated to be 2 billion ad block users worldwide.

Will people require companies to turn sustainable? When the UN Development Program (UNDP) ran a People's Climate Vote, two-thirds of the 1.2 million respondents in 50 countries said climate change is "a global emergency".

Will corporations respond to users who take digital control?*

Picture a CEO calling an "all hands" meeting of the company's product mangers and supply chain managers. That CEO could say, "Right now 4% of our customers are digitally replacing our products, ads and content with sustainable competitors. ˜Now our growth and profits are flat. By the end of the year we forecast 12% of our customers will replace us digitally, and revenues will start falling. Investors have already reacted and our stock price just took its first hit."

"We have to get ahead of this now, before it's too late. Every one of you has to make everything you do sustainable and customer-controlled. Right now. And I want you to share how you do it with each other so we can make this a company-wide transformation. This is like when the Internet started. Your goal is to build the next stage right away. Get connected with these new markets of self-empowered consumers."

The CEO paused for emphasis. "Now that every person is starting to take control, their decisions will change who we can connect with, and help improve their lives all day long. From this minute on, your job is to make every person powerful and sustainable so we can lead these new markets, before we're shut out by customers, and killed by other companies that do this."

* Future scenario, not a case history

Active Guide: See your personal solutions in real-time

RISE Active Guide: Start and Grow an ESG Personal Solutions Economy

The economy's next leaders will deliver Personal Solutions to people worldwide

(Click image to see full size)

RISE's Solutions Economy makes this a hyper-collaborative planet. The world's best choices can always be visible to people, businesses, organizations and societies. Everyone can be as good as the world's best.

RISE's Active Guide helps people and organizations throughout the day by delivering the best known sustainable ESG solutions personally to everyone at once. This helps everyone end the climate crisis and inequality by making everyone as good as the best in the world.

Every step is a private learning point:

  • See a solution as "your next best choice" or "the short path to your goal"
  • Decide to use it or not
  • See its success or failure when tried
  • If liked, is the solution saved?
  • If saved, is it reused? How often? How much is changed by the re-uses?
  • The best solutions are discovered, proven by use and rise to the top. These are delivered widely so that everyone knows the best choices.

RISE's Active Guide learns privately and continuously from real uses. This new hyper-collaboration then delivers the world's best ESG solutions to everyone.

Active Guide delivers solutions when and where needed

(Click image to see full size)

Education is one of the most powerful forces for people to improve their lives, and for societies to advance. Now RISE's Active Guide* turns learning continuous, real-time, bite-sized and measurable.

Solutions are delivered inside the digital steps people take all day long, to help them reach their goals. Everyone can see “your next best step," and "the short path to your goal." They can use RISE's "GO FAST" User Experience (Choose GOals, then Find, Act, Save and Transform) to reach their goals rapidly, directly and repeatedly.

A back-end AI drives the Active Guide by learning what works privately as it helps people and organizations throughout the day. Each choice and action are kept private, but the AI's learning is shared so everyone receives the solutions that work the best. Whenever a person doesn't want a solution, other solutions can be chosen. 

Or, live person-to-person Q&A's can be used. Here an AI selects appropriate volunteers who want to help, with full privacy protections for those asking and those who reply. Successful Q&A's train the Active Guide's AI so millions of Q&A's grow the Active Guide.

The overall result is "Digital Wealth" where everyone receives the best solutions continuously. A new worldwide norm begins: Humanity's best solutions are part of everyone's daily life, enabling everyone to be the best.

* In Expandiverse Technology, "Active Knowledge" is delivered to each person in real-time, to increase their success. This differs from today's "static knowledge" which requires education, degrees and experts. Active Knowledge emerges from behavior, is continuously discovered and updated, and is dynamically delivered to improve people's real-time choices and results. Its potential contribution is "universal success" where every person can always receive the world's best known choices so they can try them when they want. Its potential impact is to make everyone Digitally Wealthy so everyone can live at the top of humanity's combined digital abilities and solutions.

Metaverse Commerce: The sustainable ESG consumption platform

The Economy's Next Leaders will Deliver Personal Solutions instead of Climate Problems

Customer journeys and experiences use RISE's "GO FAST UX": Choose GOals, then Find, Act, Save and Transform

As people take digital control they choose their goals. These goals focus the ESG solutions they receive. They're ESG because each solution increases sustainability to help end the climate crisis.

RISE's "GO FAST UX" (UX is User Experience) empowers each person to choose their GOALS, then Find solutions, Act on the ones they want, Save the best and re-use them easily. This Transforms today’s non-sustainable economy away from its disastrous Surveillance Internet and the Climate Crisis. It starts the successful human and environmental solutions people want and could soon choose at exponential scale.

As people receive and use personal solutions to achieve their goals, this connected consumption platform replaces the non-sustainable economy and ends the climate crisis sooner. Everybody RISE's revenues include a slice of many of the resulting transactions, helping pay for delivering this "system change" for free to people.

(Click image to see full size)

When people are empowered to choose their goals and achieve them directly, they change the "system" to people-first. Many people will add sustainability, health, prosperity, privacy and inclusion, and see their progress on a personal dashboard as they rise.

Companies still make the products, sell them, earn the profits and increase their shareholder values. But people choose their goals and directly connected companies help them succeed. The Expandiverse calls this People-First Capitalism.

"GO FAST" ease of use: Try, save and re-use your "best solutions"

Connected Metaverse Commerce monetizes Solutions Transactions: Make it easy for everyone to replace the non-sustainable economy with their personal advances

How does RISE make the non-sustainable physical economy obsolete? As people use their new people-first control and Digital Wealth solutions they RISE personally. They see the world's best solutions surround them, so they can replace the non-sustainable economy quickly, ending the climate crisis sooner. 

This evolves consumption to direct private connections with sustainable vendors. This sustainable ESG economy is made "walk-up-and-use" simple — easier than today's non-sustainable economy. Everyone immediately knows the most sustainable choices around them. They can act instantly and meet needs directly.

Experiencing a solution opens the door to adding goals like energy, food, water, health, learning, shelter, transportation and a restored environment. 

(Click image to see full size)
This uses RISE's "FAST UX": Find, Act, Save and Transform.

When sustainability is made the easiest choice, everyone can improve rapidly. Their lives RISE while helping end the climate crisis, solving chronic health problems, overcoming inequality and making the economy inclusive.

See your results and your progress to your goals

Everyone Knows Themself: See Your Personal RISE Privately All Day Long

Here's where you control your part of the "system." Knowledge is power, and you become powerful when you can clearly see your goals, actions, results and gaps.

Now you can act decisively: Choose your goals, try the best solutions, act on them, and save "your solutions" to transform your life with immediate re-uses of what helps you the most.

You gain continuous engagement with new ways to improve your life and transform "the system." By making your life better you take control of the world, instead of the world controlling you.

This produces a private services environment that's beyond Amazon Prime, without being charged for it. Each user knows:

  • What are my goals and my current progress to reach them? Where are my gaps?
  • Which choices, products and companies help meet my goals? These are what I see and use digitally across my devices, places and times. How much does it help to replace the "system's" choices with my goals and solutions? Am I growing the direct connections I need with solutions that work for me?
  • What saves me money? How much am I spending compared to my income and budget? 
(Click image to see full size)

Today's system tells you your choices. If you want to live sustainably, it forces you to choose from the the non-sustainable ads, products and services it sells. Your values and needs are ignored. You have little power or influence.

Everybody RISE gives you new ways to answer life's most important question: Does technology control you, or do you control technology

My digital actions are triggers. With an Active Guide, my solutions are always visible so I can continuously improve.

This makes my results clear at every step, every day. Immediate choices are easy. I help me and the world without needing the surveillance platforms of search, social and online shopping.

ESG Personal Solutions businesses get the revenues and profits

Participating Companies Know and Deliver the Best Solutions so they can Fill Their Gaps

Companies live in a competitive market where their success depends on their employees knowing the market needs, the best solutions and delivering them quickly. It's a huge obstacle when it is hard to know what people want, how to reach each person with their specific needs, and which ESG solutions work the best. The "invisible hand of the market" makes every step difficult, slow and expensive, the classic Red Ocean from too much blood in the water.

With the climate crisis we no longer have time to wait. Companies need a "visible hand of the market" so they can accelerate and generate sales and profits from an ESG Solutions Economy.

Companies that join Everybody RISE will learn what works best and its metrics. This lets every ESG company measure their solutions against the best competitors, and add continuous ESG improvements. Companies can also work together to earn "partner revenues" so the best solutions change markets while making many companies successful.

Online websites, apps, services and businesses can also display and deliver personal ESG solutions to each consumer worldwide, based on their goals and needs. This new "visible hand of the market" keeps every person private while showing them the best ways to reach their goals. Participating companies accelerate to the top of their industries, making non-sustainable competitors obsolete and left behind.

(Click image to see full size)

All or parts of many ESG solutions come from specialized suppliers.

RISE's hyper-collaboration platform helps every participant find the best ESG suppliers and partners right away. It displays local vendors on maps, and uses ESG metrics-based lists, so companies can find, connect and improve their ESG solutions rapidly. With "partner revenues" many more companies can earn more by including the ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse Economy.

Automate the discovery and delivery of new and better solutions

Automate the Discovery, Proof and Delivery of the World's Best Solutions

What are the world's best solutions for your goals? Do you know how to find them, receive them automatically, and how to use them?

RISE automates this continuous discovery, valuation and delivery. We can become a world where the best new ESG solutions are continuously discovered and delivered to everyone.

As better solutions are discovered, these rise to the top as solutions are privately tried, used, saved, re-used and their impact learned. This produces measured results instead of today's disinformation platforms and dark marketing patterns.

The best solutions rise to the top as they are distributed in real-time to fit each person's goals. In this new world everyone can always know and choose the world's best solutions immediately during each need and activity. 

(Click image to see full size)

This real-use process calculates the value of the best new solutions. Since their projected value includes climate change and sustainability, they do not repeat the old problems.

The result is a new way to live. By discovering the best new solutions, humanity's combined abilities are always growing and reaching everyone, on a planet that advances rapidly together. 

As people choose the goals and use the world's best solutions to reach them, we live in an continuously engaged world where "everyone can be the best," move ahead FAST, and know their Results all the time.

Kick-start RISE's ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse Economy

New People-First Reality: ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse Businesses that are Led by People

Economy-wide, the Personal Solutions Operating System is a Personal Solutions Business System

New "VISIBLE Hand of the Market" replaces inequality capitalism

(Click image to see full size)

Capitalist economies still reflect Adam Smith's "INVISIBLE hand of the market" from his 1776 milestone publication, The Wealth of Nations. 

The Expandiverse evolves businesses to a "people-chosen VISIBLE hand of the market." This creates a People-First business system that delivers the world people choose, and drives RISE's new ESG Personal Solutions Economy. 

People-First Business is simple. If a company does not help a user reach their goals, that person makes the company digitally invisible. Monopoly companies have giant weaknesses because they are built to serve the whole market. If 5%, 15% or 25% of the market leaves them, they no longer grow, they're no longer profitable, and their market value dies.

Thus, people-first companies take the growth and win. In addition, people-first employees want to deliver improving lives and societies that include everyone, so this corporate attitude decides the talent war as well as market share.

Goals like health, sustainability, prosperity and inclusion could be visibility requirements for trillions of dollars in transactions. If this makes people-first companies the world's most powerful businesses, these companies can also change politics.

Companies that continue destroying the world can be shown only enough goals data to make them change. Companies that turn into people-first businesses will learn what it takes to sell the best products and grow their market share — while protecting everyone's privacy and ending the surveillance economy.

RISE ESG Personal Solutions Economy is quantitative, measured, self-improving

(Click image to see full size)

RISE's life cycle delivers interactive suggestions to users (on the left), and customers (on the right). All user data is private and collected to produce AI analytics, dashboards, reports and AI learning (in the center). 

This drives a free platform of real-time Active Guides that can assist everyone (center). This can be direct or through websites, apps, online services or other "digital partners."

Direct monetizations (on the right) combine with revenues from transactions (on the left). Together, the revenues support the free platform, which drives its capacity to help more people adopt ESG solutions that improve their lives while ending the climate crisis.

As users' act, they produce new private data from their FAST actions and social influences. These data improve the AI's. These are delivered by RISE's platform and Active Guide, so everyone sees the world's best ESG solutions for their goals.

Misinformation is eliminated. RISE delivers quantitative, proven, explainable choices that fit each person's goals.

Since digital reality is constructed, this empowers people to decide their goals privately, with people-first companies delivering FAST and effective solutions for them to Find, Act, Save and Transform their lives — and the world.


Moats Protect this Business from the Climate Killers

While non-sustainable companies could change, many will fight back. Protections are needed by people and companies that want to end today's climate crisis economy. Five of these protections include:

  • People Privacy serves the huge numbers that reject the Surveillance Internet, with a new digital layer that will grow personal protections for years to come. 
  • People Control starts with everyone selecting their goals, then receiving superior personal experiences through one-to-one display and delivery of the best available solutions. 
  • People are made Experts by RISE Active Guide and personal solutions displayed throughout the online world. Everyday life is continuously raised to higher levels because everyone can always know the world's best choices to reach their goals in more sustainable ways. 
  • People "System" (SaaS—Software as a Service) transforms many markets by redirecting these businesses to digital solutions that both help people reach their goals, and are sustainable. Ending the climate crisis faster will grow markets and connect people privately with solutions providers. 
  • RISE Easy Engineering revolutionizes how the next digital world will be built, by providing RISE services via API's and Microservices. This grows the "partner revenues" and abilities of businesses, apps, websites and the IoT (Internet of Things) everywhere.
(Click image to see full size)

As climate disasters become more frequent and destructive, more and more people ask, "How can I help? What can I do?"

Everybody Rise's platform grows by inviting people to see and use solutions across all their devices in real-time, and companies and organizations to provide solutions that can be displayed and used.

RISE gives people digital control over their choices. Everyone can act now to improve lives and fix the world. There is no need to wait for governments, politicians, regulations, laws or international organizations.


Some Parts of Everybody RISE Platform from the Metaverse Personal Solutions Operating System

The U.S. Patent Office classified the Expandiverse patent specification into 31 technology categories — but a list of 31 technologies does NOT describe this invention:

For the first time in history the Everybody RISE platform describes how to build a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone

Expandiverse IP starts a new norm: People choose the goals and a new ESG Personal Solutions Economy delivers their solutions in real-time. This grows ESG companies that take market share by delivering the sustainable products, services and trustworthy businesses people want.

"System Change" Technology

The Expandiverse is a new answer to society's core question: Does the world control you, or do you control the world? 

People-First Control and Privacy

Today's "system" provides the choices. Instead, people choose their goals and the "system" serves them. Marketing evolves from customer-centered to customer-decided

Active Guide

Adds personal solutions to digital activities. Users see "your next best step" and the "short path to your goal". Leads to personal success becoming the norm

Connected ESG Solutions Commerce

Connected commerce grows a sustainable private economy that includes everyone. Makes the non-sustainable economy obsolete.

Real-time ESG Solutions Platform

Transform connected devices into an ESG Solutions Platform that gives each person and company direct abilities to help solve problems like the climate crisis, health and inclusion. Add user-control, goals and ESG solutions to life, business, learning and disasters..

Global Hyper-Collaboration

The platform privately learns "what works best" as people receive solutions and choose which to try, save and re-use. Then the "best solutions" are delivered to everyone so they can Rise, too. New "digital wealth" options are created and delivered to everyone — with visible reporting that can end misinformation

Some parts of RISE's Personal Solutions Platform:

(Click image to see full size)

The U.S. Patent Office classified the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification into 31 technology categories. Expandiverse patent applications use these components for individual patents and for pipeline IP systems that combine its components.


What do You do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget?

For assistance, services, keynote or articles contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

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Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

For Expandiverse IP contact Liquidax for licensing, partnering or acquisition 

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Liquidax represents Expandiverse Technology for licensing, partnering and acquisition.

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