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Welcome to Expandiverse Technology: Human Potential UnleashedTM

Revolutionize the Way People use Your AI to Improve Their Lives and Help Fix the World

Our groundbreaking new technology and intellectual property expands your AI products and services to transform every aspect of a user's life, from personal success all day long, to helping improve the world

Your AI can integrate Expandiverse Technology to harness today's rapid tech adoptions, generational shifts, and connected communities to empower the new life outlooks that will produce the lives and planet people want.

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With over 2,000 patent citations, including one-third from these 20 world-leading tech companies, Expandiverse is poised to usher in a new era of Quantitative AI advances, enabling select AI vendors, global platforms and consultancies to deliver reliable personalized AI that drives unprecedented personal growth and global value.

Our Vision: A World of Limitless Potential

Expandiverse Technology introduces two game-changing elivery channels

Imagine a world that includes everyone, a world where billions can achieve their full potential, harnessing the power of AI to improve their achievements, well-being, and goals.

Expandiverse Tech's "Active Guide" and "Assembly Layers" are two delivery channels to empower people and help billions achieve their goals every day.

Their potential billions of daily transactions help monetize new AI-driven platforms that benefit everyone and the planet, switching our $94 trillion economy from producing problems to delivering solutions.

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Active Guide:
Personalized Assistance for Every Task and Step

The Active Guide is a virtual assistant that responds privately to each user's behavior and questions, providing tailored support and guidance throughout the day. 

By integrating the Active Guide into your AI services, users receive the AI-driven guidance they need to excel in every aspect of their lives.

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Assembly Layers:
Personal Digital Assembly Lines

Assembly Layers take personalization to new heights, allowing users to create custom digital environments that empower their goals.

Today's technology controls users by deciding the choices and content they see. Assembly Layers flip control to users, so it dynamically updates across their devices, based on the personal goals they set. For example, if you want sustainability and health, that's now what you receive.

By controlling their devices and managing their self-chosen Digital Environment, users see the AI-driven choices and solutions they want, ultimately using Assembly Layers to reach their self-decided goals efficiently and effectively.

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The Expandiverse AI Business Revolution: Drive Your Revenues and AI Impacts

Exploit Expandiverse's Quantitative AI to amplify your AI business revenues, evolve customer relationships, and stay at the forefront of continuous AI improvements and evolution.

Whether you are an AI vendor, a tech platform, a consultancy or a leading corporation, you can add Expandiverse AI delivery systems to your existing products and services to drive revenues, customer loyalty and market share — while changing the world.

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Our Story: From the Headwinds of Problems to the Tailwinds of Private Personal Success

As we add these proprietary delivery systems for a future where everyone can achieve their full potential, Expandiverse Technology includes privacy in its new technologies, producing both hyper-collaboration and a protected ascent.

By empowering individuals to make private self-driven decisions, set personal goals, and use AI to enhance their lives all day long, we add anonymous aggregation to deliver a "visible hand of the market" to the economy. Everyone always knows what works best, so we can all rise in the ways we choose privately, on a solutions-driven planet where everyone can become the best.

About Us: The Innovator Behind Expandiverse Technology

Discover how a passion for solving the world's biggest problems has led to the development of the Expandiverse platform, designed to unleash human potential on a global scale.

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Dan Abelow, Applied Futurist

Anticipate. Innovate. Transform.

Learn about the visionary behind Expandiverse Technology, Dan Abelow, an Applied Futurist with a proven track record of creating groundbreaking and transformative technologies.

  • 550 licensees of Dan's previous patents includes Apple, Google, Microsoft and other leaders
  • 4,100 patent citations put Dan's patent families in the top 0.01% of the most cited U.S. Patents

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