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Business case: Monetize the Great Rise

The lever that changes the world every decade

This decade's massive ESG growth

45% of the world needs to decarbonize by 2030

How does the Real World Metaverse™ monetize the world economy?

Could today's leaders stay at the top on a successful planet?

Monetize by sharing "Partner Revenues" with the online world

The online world earns more by replacing the non-sustainable economy

Platform services produce leading-edge ESG User Experiences

Turn problems into solutions that lift everyone

Universal Digital Wealth: A stretch goal of the Expandiverse Metaverse

ESG prosperity on a digitally wealthy planet

Next Step


Problem: The Online World has a Revenues Problem

Tech's giant platforms capture the Digital Economy's revenues and control. Instead, the Expandiverse's "Partner Revenues" could grow the online world

What does the Real World Metaverse™ add? It super-sizes the Metaverse goal

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The world faces overwhelming problems like health, inequality and climate change. But it doesn't know how to solve them.

Now, the Expandiverse is ready to transform the world with an ESG Personal Solutions Economy that can assist everyone every minute. It adds the Personal Solutions Operating System, Assembly Layers and the Real World Metaverse™ to transform the "system." 

Large numbers of people could take digital control to help replace problems like the non-sustainable economy and inequality. 

With this ESG Personal Solutions Economy, each person receives solutions that improve their life. Personal solutions also lead to adding more personal goals to solve more problems. Companies that deliver the best solutions get a new personal channel that help grow their economic leadership. 

Who can use this? World leading companies with goals, budgets, executives and teams

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Huge competitors with big budgets are making the Metaverse more than VR games. Analysts are already predicting the end of the iPhone and other smart phones by 2030, when they're replaced by new devices and new ways to live and work.

Platforms and leading apps are at risk, including Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, Facebook and Amazon. Their ecosystems could be replaced by a new Metaverse operating system with direct real-time services that serve every person privately.

With the future up for grabs, a growing list of companies have committed billion dollar budgets to replacing today's leading companies by taking this technological lead for themselves.

Interestingly, a lot of large companies could lead this transformation. They have the corporate board direction, the tech-savvy senior executives and the budgets for the small cost of including Expandiverse Technology.


How Does the World Change Every Decade? How Big is This Change?

Tech is the only force powerful enough to change the world every decade

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How and when will the world change?

Today's obstacles seem large because governments, societies, inequality and economic systems don’t change fast enough. But the Expandiverse changes the paradigm from problems to solutions, and from obstacles to advances.

New technology has a proven track record of transforming how everyone lives and works every decade. The real value of innovation is to solve our biggest problems, and advance humanity to its next stage.

We are more advanced than you know.

One Expandiverse way to help every person is to empower them to solve problems privately, directly and digitally. When people control their devices and interfaces, they will set their goals and decide the world. 

Who will win this decade's competitive race? Who will lead the world in 2025 and 2030?

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Leaders change when a new kind of technology emerges and the old leaders can't adapt. It's Clayton Christianson's Innovator's Dilemma. The old winners are trapped by their business model, while new entrants take the market away.

Consider the weakness of tech's giant platforms. They sell the obsolete non-sustainable economy on their giant advertising and e-commerce surveillance platforms. They must keep the non-sustainable economy dominant to keep winning. They're so big they must sell everything, so they are dependent on the fossil fueled economy to super-size their revenues.

But frequent climate disasters could lead large numbers of consumers to replace the non-sustainable economy that damages them. When people use the Expandiverse to choose a sustainable economy, then people-first consumers and companies will develop direct relationships that exclude tech's platforms.

This DECADE's massive esg PROJECTIONS

The 2020's Big New Markets: ESG and Climate Crisis

Investors expect ESG everywhere

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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments used to be acceptable if they could outperform traditional investments. Now ESG is becoming the expected standard for investments and assets.

How will investors find ESG investments and assets at the scale of tens of trillions of dollars that need good financial returns? If they help fund, develop and guide an Everybody Rise platform, they will drive the ESG Solutions Economy they need. They will maximize the profits from replacing the non-sustainable economy.

Size of three Climate Crisis markets

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The climate crisis is an example with people worldwide who want to help end it. Providing sustainable solutions is projected to produce:

  • $7 trillion: ADAPT to climate change
  • $26 trillion: GROW a green climate economy
  • $145 trillion: FULL climate economic benefits

The opportunity for consumers to set their personal goals and receive personal ESG solutions is timely. In many industries, a leading company might turn its markets private and directly connected by making customers radically more successful — so they can improve their lives and help the world at the same time.


Size and Speed of Improvements: Digital Acceleration

Size: ESG Solutions Economy is 100% of GDP in Many Categories

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Climate change is driving tech-driven transformation. Its Digital Acceleration will be big and fast.

The market size of the Solutions Economy is a new way of looking at the world's problems, because this starts and grows an ESG Solutions Economy that can replace all parts of the non-sustainable economy.

As people use Real-Time Solutions all day long to improve their lives and reach their goals, they transform their lives, their prosperity, the economy, and the planet.

Expandiverse thinking adds new ways to start this ESG Solutions Economy.

Speed: Everyone has proved Digital Acceleration works at world scale

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When the pandemic arrived, Zoom changed the world in weeks. The speed and scale of tech's transformation power is undeniable.

In 2020 we went into a pandemic lockdown. Overnight, we switched to zoom and changed how we work, live, learn and shop. Our lives are still "online-first" with everything changed.

Zoom was prepared. Its traffic soared 30X. It'srevenue swelled 4X and its income surged 7X. It's market cap multiplied 10X, enriching its executives and shareholders.

This transition also changed the economy's winners and losers. Many physical leaders went bankrupt. The new online-first leaders, like Zoom, win bigger and faster.


A Demonstration Platform Shows the Opportunities

New technology, IP and the Real World Metaverse™

Demonstration application: ESG Personal Solutions Platform


Who Could Lead a New Stage where Everybody Rises?

Next stage: The private and personal ESG Solutions Economy

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Instead of paying tech giants for surveillance tracking and reaching consumers, companies will deliver solutions to each person privately, and help everyone reach the goals they want directly. The most successful companies will know many of us privately, and earn our trust by helping us succeed personally. We will receive higher levels of personal success than today, so each of us can become as good as the best in the world.

These new private relationships will raise digital barriers that keep out surveillance platforms and competitors. The people-first companies who lead this direct and private world will constantly advance people to help them reach the goals they choose.

These leading companies will orchestrate new waves of personal, ESG and economic advances. Their business opportunity is to assist billions of people personally, every day, while eliminating the costs and risks from the surveillance platforms. 

How can leaders stay leaders? Lead a successful planet that includes everyone

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It sounds like a "big ask" to replace the world economy. But this is a smaller "ask" than preserving the businesses that destroy the planet in climate disasters. The best outcome is to make this a safe and successful world in ways that preserve many leading companies and the world's wealth.

The Expandiverse does this by empowering every person to choose their goals, empowering businesses to deliver the ESG solutions each person wants, and paying "partner revenues" to online businesses that display and deliver the solutions.

Then these leaders could replace the non-sustainable economy with an ESG Solutions Economy. If our leading companies become people-first businesses, that would be the fastest way to transform the economy. Even Google, Facebook and Amazon could adopt this people-first technology and put people in control quickly — along with other business leaders who want to stay leaders.

When today's leading companies help put people in control, we can change rapidly to the ESG Solution Economy we want and need.


Grow RISE's ESG Solutions Economy: Share New "Partner Revenues" with the Online Digital World

Convert the online digital economy to the ESG Personal Solutions Economy

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Today's economy sells non-sustainable ads and products that grow the climate catastrophe.

Nobody knows how to fix the world, yet so many want to help. "What can I do?" they ask.

What if most parts of the online world could earn "partner revenues" for displaying and delivering ESG personal solutions that fit each person's goals? This can help everyone see and use their personal solutions while making the world more sustainable. 

If the "partner revenues" are large enough, the online world could scale its display and delivery of solutions to billions of solutions each day. Here's how it works:

  • RISE—Orange: RISE's platform delivers the personal ESG Solutions Economy as digital services — this part is a PAAS, or "Platform as a Service."
  • PARTNERS—Green: The online world uses easy engineering to join for free, add RISE solutions and earn "partner revenues" from their display and use.
  • GROWTH SHARING—Blue: Exponential growth empowers every person and online business to advance and share the solutions. The system learns what works privately, so it continuously improves the solutions everyone receives.

When every business can earn more by helping both the world and every person at the same time, the online world helps fix the world by replacing the non-sustainable economy with a new ESG Personal Solutions Economy.

Solve the Internet's Revenue Problem with RISE's "Partners Revenues" Model

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RISE's ESG Personal Solutions Economy adds a new age of Digital Wealth for everyone. Its new ESG "Assembly Layers" help everyone work together by improving their life. When a business joins RISE's core platform delivers its services through them online, through its Active Guide, and more. People use RISE for free and businesses share parts of the ESG Solutions revenues this produces.

RISE's new umbrella layer is added through platform services, with API's and microservices. Every online business, small farmer and blogger can add the partnership they want, to display and deliver personal solutions privately to each online user.

This earns them "partner revenues" that benefit their businesses, apps, websites, online services and more.

As this results in transactions, the revenues are divided: (1)  "partner revenues" go to those who help display and deliver the ESG personal solutions, (2) solution vendors are paid, and (3) some of the revenue pays for RISE's platform and services. Since RISE knows these steps privately, they are measured and gaps are visible. These are continuously improved and delivered as better services for each partner, vendor and user.

Both people and businesses can share the solutions through social media. Everyone can influence others to take control of "the system," choose their own goals and improve their lives — while helping fix the world's problems.

For the first time, everyone can use the humanity's combined abilities. This starts a new age of Digital Wealth that systematically helps grow sustainable physical prosperity — without attacking elites or governments.

Everyone can RISE by using "GO FAST" ESG personal solutions during their digital steps.


Replace the Non-Sustainable Economy: Turn it into the ESG Personal Solutions Economy

Use proven business models to deliver RISE's new ESG Solutions Economy

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Much of today’s Internet revenues are sucked up by tech's advertising and e-commerce platforms. A few grow rich while businesses and people struggle to survive on what's left. The giant platforms focus on taking even more wealth for themselves.

Instead, one of RISE's monetizations is a "Partners Revenue" model. With this, everyone can receive a partner’s share by adding RISE and helping solve the world's big problems like climate change, health and inequality.

RISE's Partner Revenues model (right column): Users choose their goals and see their personal “digital environment” privately. Personalized ESG Solutions are overlaid on websites, apps and online services. Surveillance ads, content and products are replaced with each user’s chosen goals and sustainable solutions.

System change: "Partner Revenues" are earned by dynamically replacing the non-sustainable economy and delivering the personal and private ESG Solutions that fit each person's goals. Users gain direct, live connections with solutions that fit their goals. Digital Partners earn a new revenue source by helping improve the world for every person.

Digital replacements (replace the left column with the right): On the left, non-sustainable digital ads and e-commerce each generate hundreds of $billions of dollars per year. RISE replaces and shares this with each partner website, app, online service and sustainable vendor. Everyone can help fix the world, both as an individual and a business.

Incentivize capitalism: Solve the Internet's revenue problem by fixing the world

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RISE's ESG Solutions Economy adds its new "Assembly Layers" above the Internet, so everyone can work together:

  • Orange top layer — new ESG partners: Everything digital can add RISE ESG Solutions and earn "Partner Revenues" from the transactions produced. The whole digital world can rapidly become solution providers, and solution earners.
  • Green, at left middle — ESG suppliers: ESG Solutions can be rapidly added to the platform, to be delivered where and when needed by each person.
  • Blue, at right middle — each person: Everyone is helped personally and privately. Displaying and delivering this increases the "partner revenues" of everything online. We all win by growing a new ESG Solutions Economy. 
  • Light blue layer at the bottom — Everybody RISE platform: This new digital dance is orchestrated by the RISE platform. 

This new Internet business model helps every person rise to the top, take control, set their goals, then see and act on the world's best ESG Solutions that fit them personally.

These displays and transactions earn new "Partner Revenues" that help everything digital earn more by helping every person run an improving world.


Monetization Fits the User Engagement Life Cycle for the ESG Local Solutions Economy

Transform local lives, local communities, local businesses and local economies everywhere

What is the digital on-ramp for millions of local businesses and farmers to add and grow their online presences, commerce and revenues? By providing the steps as scalable services, RISE enables local digital commerce to begin and grow everywhere.

Local businesses can build and profit from Everybody RISE's digital infrastructure. Parts of this are delivered directly, parts are delivered through online partners, and parts are implemented locally through local partners' services.

Together, this produces a simple and easy to use ESG Solutions Platform that supports local businesses. They can add and deliver this everywhere in their local communities. 

For example, a local support service can onboard local businesses, set them up on Everybody RISE's platform, train them in bootcamps and help them manage their online businesses. They can also run local workshops for consumers to improve their lives by switching to the world's best ESG Solutions and using local businesses to see and deliver them. RISE partner revenues help support them, helping keep their prices low and affordable.

Local communities could rapidly add and grow their local ESG Solution Economies. Dashboards could report the growth of local prosperity by local people, local businesses and local communities. The economic advances can be as models for nearby communities to join and grow sustainably too.

(Click image to see full size)

The RISE platform helps local businesses see the success of ESG solution displays and deliveries, and how they help local people reach their personal goals, and their local communities RISE.

This platform enables local business owners to:

  • Know current measures of local progress, and local gaps, as their local community works to reach its people's goals
  • Discover and deliver the best solutions so their businesses help their customers reach their goals more effectively
  • Collaborate on delivering solutions efficiently, learning from others' solutions and improving their local versions

With this, local businesses can find customers digitally, serve them personally in real-time and grow always-on private relationships that improve local lives while building their local communities.

Local businesses that deliver ESG Personal Solutions can become the most successful and help the most people.


Make "Clicktivism" Real: Share Solutions and Control Online so Everyone can Improve their Lives and Fix the World 

"System change" is what happens when people take control by using a few clicks to set their goals and see humanity's best solutions in real-time. Then they can try the ones they want, see their progress and share what works best.

So others can join, could it be fast and quick for people to share their billions of positive steps every day? The potential solutions on the right of this slide include water (2 solutions), health (2 solutions), nature and food. 

By flooding the world with proven solutions, people could switch the culture from problems to increasing achievements everywhere. They might even change to an ESG Solutions Economy that delivers progress and results for each person, with both speed and scale.

This starts small like any startup, delivers proof of concepts and scalable prototypes, then launches each component as it gains traction. It grows through digital blitz scaling to raise each person. Billions of people can use "clicktivism" to grow exponentially, so more than tech's platforms rise to the top.

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Today's world faces headwinds from huge obstacles. It is difficult for each of us to find and use the solutions we want.

By 2030, however, could we switch to tailwinds that push us forward, as billions of people solve their problems share their solutions, and help others use "Clicktivism" to switch from problems to solutions.


Lift the Planet: Start Universal Digital Wealth to Help Solve Inequality

The Expandiverse's Real World Metaverse™ is different than VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality)

Today, tech's giant platforms use exponential growth for themselves. People and companies work for them. Their surveillance economy makes their shareholders richer. They capture the world's wealth, increasing inequality.

What if the power of exponential growth assisted every person by delivering the world's best solutions in real-time, to help every person reach their goals? 

As each person sees their "next best steps" throughout the day, each person is empowered to reach for their goals. Participating organizations see how to improve the solutions they deliver. Everyone can try humanity's best combined abilities. Their anonymous results reveal the best solutions that improve people's lives and the world.

To lift the planet, humanity's digital wealth is developed and delivered for real-time uses everywhere, empowering everyone who wants it.

This adds a new umbrella layer — a user-controlled Digital Environment — over devices, brands, tech platforms and the Internet. This Universal Digital Wealth helps make every person as good as the best in the world.

As each person takes control of the digital world, they decide their goals and this "system" works for them — bringing them the lives they want.

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Could this decade be an exciting and historic inflection point? As we start solving the climate crisis by transforming the non-sustainable fossil fueled economy, might we solve other overwhelming problems like inequality and health?

The ESG Personal Solutions Economy is a new kind of Digital Wealth that serves everyone. Humanity's continuous advances are discovered, measured and delivered to fit each person's goals.

This "solutions economy" empowers every person and organization with direct growth toward their goals. While delivered and measured privately, our Digital Wealth is combined anonymously to help everyone grow toward their goals all day long, every day.


End the Toxic Misinformation Culture by Experiencing Reality Every Day

Tech's platform culture spreads misinformation with the speed and ferocity of  tidal waves. 

Tech's AI's are repeatedly jacked up to be more effective at targeting vulnerable people for advertisers. Their AI's successes are proven by their hundreds of billions of dollars in ad revenues. Advertisers track their results and spend their budgets on the platforms that deliver the biggest sales.

Tech's AI's are obviously just as good at targeting for misinformation. Millions who refused vaccinations have died or live with long covid. The big lie produced more millions who believe a fair election was stolen and democracy needs to be overthrown. Truth loses in this toxic misinformation culture. 

 People are hard-wired to respond to threats. Platform-delivered misinformation keeps triggering people's fears, growing their attention, making money for the platforms, and turning those people into captured real-world actors.

How might we become a culture where reality turns visible and clear, so that every person can make their best decisions? How about live feedback so everyone sees when they try something if it's just not real?

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Everyone can choose their goals, see the world's best solutions to reach them sooner, make reality-based choices all day long, and know their personal results as they rise toward the life they want.

This doesn't end misinformation but it is a process that can be developed and improved. For the first time in years, we might give people a way to experience reality and see their results — and help switch our toxic culture to knowing lives that are based on reality.


A New Kind of Future: Everybody RISE to Digital Wealth

Our biggest problem is we can't fix the world's big problems. They're too diificult for governments, corporations, NGO's, philanthropies and international organizations. 

The real value of innovation is to solve the big problems, and take humanity to its next stage.

With the Expandiverse, a Real World Metaverse™ is possible. This new kind of digital world gives every person Digital Wealth, digital control and their personal ESG solutions to improve both their life and the world. 

When our many solutions and abilities flow to each person to empower their goals, everyone can take the "next best steps" they feel are right for them, all day long.

This "Great Rise" is a new way to take society's pyramid and flip it. Everywhere. Together.

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What do You do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget?

For assistance, services, keynote or articles contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

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Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

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