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Next Step

Two Metaverse IP Stages: 

Stage 1: Initial Metaverse IP "Stack"

Stage 2: New Custom Metaverse Patents for Licensees, Partners or Acquirers


The First Design and Architecture for a Universally Successful Planet

This Expandiverse IP helps solve every company's biggest Metaverse problem: There will only be one "winner take all" Metaverse with the most people and businesses using it all day long. How will you make YOUR Metaverse that winner?

This Real World Metaverse starts a once-in-human-history rise to a fully "online world" that will outperform the physical planet. The Expandiverse Metaverse improves everybody's life personally, every day, while making this a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. That Real World may be the largest Metaverse with the most people and companies.

Expandiverse IP adds core Metaverse patents that monetize each user’s activities in its digital environment across today's connected devices, along with tomorrow’s immersive VR/AR/XR. This supersedes devices and platforms from all vendors, providing a new range of IP and advances.

It's vision is to replace the obsolete, non-sustainable economy with an ESG Personal Solutions Economy that makes this a universally successful planet — in its Real World Metaverse.

Some of the "Eureka!" moments: The Expandiverse started in 2006 and 2007 while looking out a window. What would the world look like if it was 50 years from now and we had grown into a planet where everyone is successful? What would this window be, and what world would I experience through it? Some of its Eureka! moments include...

  • Devices: The first Eureka! came from looking AT the window, because it changed what devices do. We never digitized the window, so this window would turn digital. It will look everywhere in the world, in 2-way live connections where any person could be looking back through their digital window. Our two "spaces" would turn into one, as if we were in the same room with a sheet of digital glass between us. Also, that window's life-size digital glass would have more super-powers than today's best computer and VR headset combined.
  • Online-first environments surround us: The next Eureka! took VR into the real world and made VR headsets optional. A family of "surround devices" with live constructed environments combine "virtual plus real" into new experiences named "Shared Planetary Life Spaces." These advances transform the communications, telecom and consumer electronics industries. This next stage adds online-first digital environments to our lives, work, commerce, learning and play.
  • Personal real-time Active Guide and global resources: The next Eureka! is what we receive, because the world's best solutions will be discovered anonymously in real-time, the best choices determined, and those will be distributed to everyone, based on their goals and their activities. We will all automatically know the world's "next best step" all the time. With the world's knowledge and resources at our fingertips, we can always take "the short path to our goal.", and start universal success everywhere, by everyone.
  • Exponential growth for everyone: Everyone's personal growth is the next Eureka! When real-time guides deliver assistance they privately learn what people choose, and what works best. They aggregate and distribute the best choices as continuously improving real-time guides. How they do it is another Eureka! Connected devices are turned into virtual and subsidiary devices so everyone can access humanity's combined hardware, apps and resources without having to buy each one. When everyone can access humanity's combined online resources, billions of people can advance quickly as they try the Active Guide's "next best step" solutions. In this next stage everyone's personal growth expands with digital speed because they can use the best choices, the best guided abilities and humanity's combined resources. Everyone, everywhere, can be as good as the best in the world.
  • The Great RISE: Continuous daily advances, by everyone who wants them, makes this a "people-first system." With this Eureka! people's goals and choices drive companies and supply chains that are private, accurate and efficient. Solution-based relationships deliver what people want, when and where they need it — and exclude what they don't want. Live personal connections make costs fall, quality and satisfaction increase, and add sustainability and ESG to every step. In this new world, Everybody RISEs while living within the world's limits because this grows (not shrinks) nature's abundance..

Then that "world" was turned into technology and IP to benefit every person today: Years were spent turning the vision of a universally successful planet into new technology IP we can apply today. This may be history's first proprietary design, architecture and IP for the attempt to reach humanity's and the planet's success in years instead of generations.

(Click image to see full size)

We have seen the mainframe computer's power and the Internet advance so much that every person can carry it in their pocket and use it in their hand. Now this unexpected Real World Metaverse does the same for the exponential digital powers of tech's giant platforms. Soon, every person can be empowered to individually and together make this a good and successful world for themselves, all people and the Earth.

This new idea of "positive system change" technology wasn't a fundable investment in 2007 to 2011 when this this IP was developed and the first of its patents filed, so this planetary transformation is self-funded.

Over a decade of private work grew this into proprietary Expandiverse Technology and IP. Today, this could start an ESG Personal Solutions Economy where every person can decide their goals, improve their life every day, and help solve the world's biggest crises like health, climate and inclusion.

We can make this the first decade that humanity reaches for its destination, because we can start our generation's becoming history's first healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

The real value of innovation is to solve our most important problems, and to advance humanity to its next stage

Dan Abelow

Inventor, Expandiverse IP

Founder, Everybody RISE


IP: The People-First Metaverse IP for Every Person to Rise to the Top on a Connected Planet

"Reality Alternate" was the first Expandiverse patent's name, because a universally successful planet that includes everyone is an Alternate Reality to this one. Its 1,400 page application was filed in May 2011

Compared to today's Metaverses for games and social media, this Expandiverse Metaverse IP may be more useful and valuable. Why? Because many of today's digital Metaverses, products and services started after this was filed in May 2011, so today's Metaverses might be preceded by Expandiverse IP

The value of IP is shown by U.S. Patent Examiners. To reject new patent applications, patent examiners made this IP their most cited IP in 2017. How many of the 2020's Metaverses, digital products and services will this IP enable, improve or block? 

Here's who cites this IP and how often, as of the January 2022 patent citations research

(Click image to see full size)

Today's tech platforms design and run our digital reality as a business that makes them rich and directs our commercial choices to the non-sustainable economy. We live in a surveillance commerce reality created and run by tech's advertising and commerce platforms to serve themselves.

Tech's dystopian reality sells us a non-sustainable economy, and persuades us to buy it and live inside their world. They compel us to help destroy the Earth by narrowing our choices to what increases their revenues. Their wealth grows by billions a year while people live limited lives and the planet declines. This is their Inequality Capitalism, which everyone experiences.

Instead, the point of the Expandiverse is to help everyone choose and live in a better real world than tech's digital reality. We have seen technology help people, organizations and the world. Now it can improve reality.

You expand your limits by directing a new "system" to help you reach your goals, which brings you the world's best ESG Personal Solutions. Companies you respect serve you privately by delivering the ESG solutions you want.

This evolved "system" is named People-First Capitalism, because people decide its most important choices — their goals, so their Metaverse instructions will produce the Real World that they choose.

Here's the original Expandiverse Metaverse plan, from its first 2011 patent filing

(Click image to see full size)
(Opens in a new tab)

For the first time, each person can decide their world, their values and goals. That will privately decide which companies their digital devices will prioritize, and which will be filtered out.

It will be simple and direct for each person to do this. With Everybody RISE's "GO FAST" User Experience, you choose your GOals, Find your best solutions as they're presented during real time activities, Act on the ones you want, and Save the best for re-uses. That Transforms your life with immediately accessible re-uses that help you grow toward your GOals. 

When people can use a few clicks to improve their lives, they will choose themselves over tech's dystopia. By selecting their goals and values they will decide business winners, revenue growth, market shares and market values. 

When people choose themselves and select their goals, they will direct what the economy produces, and change the world.


Expandiverse's Metaverse Intellectual Property Strategy

The U.S. Patent Office classified the 1,400 page Expandiverse patent specification into 31 technology categories — but a list of 31 technologies does NOT describe this invention

For the first time in history the Everybody RISE demonstration project delivers an Expandiverse Personal Solutions Operating System* to build a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone

Intellectual Property (IP) as a Business Model

Three time zones: An IP business lives in a different time zone from corporations and startups. A corporation's deadline is its quarterly report. A startup's deadline is revenue traction in 12 to 18 months, or its funding dries up. An IP business's deadline is the expiration of its patents in 20 years. The first Expandiverse patents were filed in 2010 and 2011 and thereafter, keeping its 1,400 page specification "open" so it can add a family of dozens to hundreds of patents at any time. This keeps its 2011 date ahead of businesses and features that are added after that. Now that the Metaverse and Web3 are arriving, old and new Expandiverse patents still have 10 years before they expire — several generations of Metaverse tech where its leaders will need IP.

The inventor's two-decade example: In this business model, a tech creator makes only one to a few sales per decade. In the 1990's Dan Abelow patented valuable components of a digital economy that included digital content, access and communications. Those patents were too early until the Internet took off. In 2004 Dan sold that IP portfolio. By 2009 the new patent owners were well on their way to licensing over 550 corporations, with many world-leaders among them (like Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft). Parts of that 1990's IP had grown so common that by the late 00's some developers asked, "Everyone does this, so how can there be a patent on it?"

Market development of Expandiverse Metaverse IP: The Expandiverse develops the market for its IP by growing the awareness of its new business opportunities. One example of an Expandiverse IP impact is to give every person control over which companies have a social license to operate digitally. When people set the virtual goals ESG is included. People will prioritize the companies that are prioritized on their digital devices, and which companies are filtered out. Collectively this changes revenues, market shares, industry leaders and their market values. A company's ability to add this and other Expandiverse advantages to their platform comes from Expandiverse IP. Some companies will add Expandiverse IP and abilities, which protects their businesses and Metaverses for the next 10 years. If a company applies this without having rights to the IP, they are vulnerable to large competitors who add Expandiverse IP and use it to threaten them. Those who add Expandiverse IP can also add the inventor's expert assistance in filing customized Expandiverse patents to protect their platforms and applications, and his help in growing their businesses and Metaverses.

With the Metaverse, the Expandiverse will take off: After his 2004 IP sale Abelow had to decide whether to retire or chase bigger challenges. By 2007 he decided to use the 2004 funds to create Expandiverse technology and IP as a new kind of "system change" technology. He knew he was early because the economy and society were increasingly digital, but had years to go before turning online-first. He also knew that "system change" technology was a new concept. Online games do world-building, but this expanded that to the real world and gave every person new world-changing abilities. Today, this kind of world is arriving, after over 10 years of work by the inventor to prepare the Expandiverse for the 2020's tech-driven decade. We are now ready for the Expandiverse's Real World Metaverse™ that uses both today's and tomorrow's devices so it works everywhere, across the whole world, to provide a more powerful ESG Personal Solutions "system" that every user controls as they switch between digital devices, places and times. For the first every person can soar to an Expandiverse-driven global expansion.

A historic new direction — Everybody Rises to the top: No one has ever lived on a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone, or known how to build it. Expandiverse IP adds "umbrella patents" with new digital layers above the Internet. These empower people to rise above brands, devices, hardware operating systems, platforms, apps and online services. In the new Expandiverse layers everyone is empowered to replace today's toxic surveillance economy, and non-sustainable companies, by choosing their personal goals and rising toward them in private, supportive online lives where they decide the goals and companies either deliver the ESG solutions that serve their needs, or are filtered down or out. When everyone can switch to the world's best ESG solutions with a few clicks, they improve their lives and change the social license for businesses to require them to help solve some of the world's threats and problems.

Another historic direction — a positive, people-first planet: As an Expandiverse platform is built (or existing billion-user platforms add these abilities), the world's best answers flow to everyone personally, in real-time, so they can improve their lives while helping solve some of the world's threats and problems. Everyone can start living in a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable world that is more private and protected. Misinformation will be reduced when everyone can see their choices and their progress in a personal dashboard, showing the quantitative and proven results from each solution tried. That new world can grow safer when everyone can receive and use solutions where they are, reducing the need to migrate, confront elites or revolt.

People decide the social licenses that will decide corporate wealth: What will happen when the Expandiverse empowers people to require companies to help end problems like climate change, health or inclusion? The Expandiverse adds this so each person can use a few clicks to make companies join an ESG Personal Solutions Economy and be part of delivering solutions instead of creating problems. Validated solutions that do this best will be prioritized on digital devices while companies that greenwash will be diminished, and those that produce problems will be removed. People will see the data so they can make good companies grow and others decline. A pre-cursor example of users taking digital control is ad blocking, and 47% of Internet users in 2019 used ad blocking. A pre-cursor example of users choosing their digital environment is when Apple empowered users to end ad tracking in 2021, and 96% of U.S. iPhone users opted out of ad tracking.

The online world can prosper by helping fix the world: The online world of websites, apps and online services can add "partner revenues" from displaying and delivering the real-time solutions that fit each person's goals. Instead of displaying ads and affiliate sales, the online world could prosper from "partner revenues" by (1) replacing the non-sustainable economy's ad revenues with "partner revenues" from displaying ESG Personal Solutions that fit each user's goals, and (2) replacing the non-sustainable economy's affiliate sales revenues with "partner revenues" from delivering personal solutions privately to each user as they are purchased or monetized. Both people and the online world can work together to increase the online world's prosperity by earning "partner revenues" from helping fix the world. This could add reasons why industries and vendors should switch to delivering validated ESG solutions. The economy's next leaders could thrive by delivering the healthy, sustainable and protected lives most people want but can't get today.

Two of the business strategies: The Expandiverse is intentionally designed to convert much of the $94 trillion world economy to widely wanted goals like improved lives, sustainability, health and inclusion. This is too big for the usual startup that is forced to focus on getting traction with one product or service at a time. Strategically, there are better options. One of them is the Everybody RISE demonstration platform and another is Expandiverse IP:

  • Everybody RISE platform: This might use Uber-scale funding, by large private and corporate VC's who want their capital to own the channels on a universally successful people-first planet with $trillion dollar turnovers. With Uber-scale growth its proof of concepts and market fit could be working by 2023 to 2025, then scale to a billion or more users by about 2030. Then it could drive universal economic shifts starting in the late 2020's. This proven model is slow compared to what people and the world need in this decade.
  • Expandiverse Metaverse IP: Expandiverse IP could be licensed, partnered or acquired by one or more of the billion-user platforms that is making $billion dollar investments in the Metaverse. Within months to a year the inventor could assist them in starting deliveries of ESG Personal Solutions to their billions of users, by filing Expandiverse patents customized for their specific businesses, and helping grow their MAU (Monthly Active User) ecosystems of both vendors and users. By 2030 these Expandiverse Metaverse platforms could be monetizing billions of personal ESG improvements every day — connecting the world's many new ESG solutions with billions of consumers worldwide. Thus, the billion user platforms have the money and teams who can add this ESG Personal Solutions IP the fastest. They could empower billions of people who are damaged by climate change to improve their lives and help solve the world's climate, health and inclusion problems. As one or more of these platforms helps people rise every day, they will position their real and VR Metaverse businesses to lead the ESG Personal Solutions Economy for decades to come.

The Great RISE: Today, most people get their choices from what is sent to their digital surveillance devices, and they live limited lives working in vulnerable jobs for inequality capitalism. But with Expandiverse IP people become the decision makers and provide the digital social license for companies to operate on their devices. Their devices know their personal goals and deliver their solutions privately in real-time from ESG companies throughout the day. People will require companies to deliver the validated ESG solutions they want, or they won't be digitally visible. Government anti-trust laws, privacy rules and misinformation regulations will be less critical when every person sets their digital goals, and the digital environment they control delivers their choices, with quantitative results showing their progress to reach the lives and world they want.

The biggest question and answer: Expandiverse Technology and IP add a new people-first answer to today's biggest strategic question:

Does the world control you (and shove digital garbage at you), or do you control the world?

Expandiverse IP is represented by Liquidax Capital for IP licensing, partnering or acquisition.

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Patent Infringement Lawsuits: Full Disclosure

Dan Abelow, the inventor and IP creator, has never sued anyone for patent infringement, but his name was connected to some patent infringement lawsuits filed by others. 

Abelow sold his previous patent portfolio in 2004 to an Intellectual Ventures company who licensed many leading companies. Intellectual Ventures divested these patents to companies that used their patent ownership to license companies, and the new owners sued some companies for patent infringement. Their lawsuits named the "Abelow patents" that they owned, and they filed the lawsuits.

Dan Abelow is a tech creator who has never sued anyone for patent infringement.


Stages 1 and 2: Expandiverse Metaverse Patents
Patents* that Raise Users Over Devices, Places, Times and Realities

The U.S. Patent Office classified the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification into 31 technology categories. So what's in this IP?

Stage 1 is an initial Expandiverse IP "stack": Add patented Metaverse "layers" that make people more powerful than brands, devices, platforms, hardware operating systems, online services and apps — empowering every person to improve their current, problem-filled reality

Stage 2's Metaverse Patents for Companies: Apply the 1,400 page Expandiverse patent specification to add NEW and CUSTOM Metaverse patents that enable and protect specific companies' Metaverses, online-first businesses and digital leadership

* Disclaimer: The descriptions of technology in this website, documents and images are separate from and may or may not be different from the descriptions of technology in issued patents 9,183,560 and 11,222,298, including any patent pending applications filed at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Only the issued patents, filed specifications and patent pending applications describe patented and patent pending technology.
(Click image to see full size)


Stage 1: Parts of the Initial Expandiverse IP "Stack"

The initial Expandiverse IP "stack" adds patented Metaverse "layers" that make people more powerful than brands, devices, platforms, hardware operating systems, online services and apps

This is the start of a "stack" that empowers every person to take control over their current, problem-filled reality, and receive ESG solutions that improve their lives

(Click image to see full size)
(Click image to see full size)
U. S. Patent 11,222,298

Users Control Their Digital Environment

*Works across today's and tomorrow's devices.

You set your personal digital environment and it follows you across your devices, places and times. Elevates people above the Internet's "senders." The receiver's "digital environment" delivers what the receiver wants, replacing what they want to stop. Adds personal control over commerce, content, ads, privacy and protections. Enables a personal decision over tech's business model: Does the world control people, or do people control the world?

(Click image to see full size)
U. S. Patent 9,183,560

User Presences: Shared Planetary Life Spaces

*Works across today's and tomorrow's devices.

Switch between your multiple presences in "Shared Planetary Life Spaces" — multiple non-fictional digital realities that remain on across your devices. Be always-on and connected, whether using a live presence or not. When you're "present" everything you need is already on and instantly usable. When you're not "present" you know what you want about it. Makes the digital world of software, communications, connected products, online services and more into immediate and powerful environments. Makes each person more powerful with more control than in the physical world.

(Click image to see full size)
Filed: U.S. Patent Pending

User Goals: Assembly Layers

*Works across today's and tomorrow's devices.

Like Henry Ford's Assembly Line, helps users set their goals and reach them. Empowers users to make "digital" serve them at speed and scale. Assists each person all day long in reaching their goals as a new norm across digital devices. Unleashes distributed online capitalism to deliver personal solutions individually, at global scale. 

(Click image to see full size)
In development. The next Expandiverse U.S. Patent filing

User Protection: Privacy Layers

*Works across today's and tomorrow's devices.

Adds digital privacy and protections for people, businesses and Metaverses. Converts tech's digital targeting, problems and annoyances into personally decided advantages. Empowers people to replace what they feel is destructive digital garbage with lives and values in which they believe.

In Stage 1's patent roadmap

Active Knowledge User Success

*Works across today's and tomorrow's devices. In real-time as you use connected devices to take digital steps, know the world's "next best step" and the "short path to your goal." Also understand your choices, results, and the gaps remaining to reach your goals.
In Stage 1's patent roadmap

Global Resources with Adaptive UI

*Works across today's and tomorrow's devices. Puts  humanity's digital capabilities at everyone's fingertips by combining them into a global resource that can be accessed immediately and easily with an adaptive user interface. Makes goals, Assembly Layers and ESG Personal Solutions more actionable and achievable.
In Stage 1's patent roadmap

Reality: Real World Generator

*Works across today's and tomorrow's devices. Enables people to decide the world they want, and develop it in hybrid Metaverse, online and real worlds. Makes it normal for everyone to be able to turn the real world into the world they want it to be.
In Stage 1's patent roadmap

Reality: Constructed Digital Realities

*Works across today's and tomorrow's devices. Enables people to construct the digital realities they want, or add overlays to today's reality. Includes using, sharing, broadcasting, distributing and monetizing constructed realities at scale ranging from  private to mass scale.


Stage 2: Customized Expandiverse Metaverse Patents for You (Licensees, Partners or Acquirers)

E-commerce didn't even exist during the first years of the Internet. Now it's in every part of our lives.

Soon an ESG Solutions Economy will be helping people solve giant personal and global problems like privacy, health, climate and inclusion — in billions of individual "next best steps" every day 

Stage 2's Metaverse Patents for Your Company: Apply the 1,400 page Expandiverse patent specification to add NEW and CUSTOM Metaverse patents that enable and protect your' Metaverses and online-first businesses — patents you can use to make your Metaverse a winner

As humanity advances to a stage that begins universal success, an ESG Personal Solutions economy will monetize billions of personal "next best steps" every day. The Real World Metaverse winners will deliver and monetize these transactions to help everyone personally improve their lives everywhere

(Click image to see full size)

Stage 2: Future Expandiverse Metaverse Patents

As an "open case" this 1,400 page IP specification can be grown into a hierarchy of dozens to hundreds of patents with their early 2011 filing date. 

These new patents will be developed with key licensees, partners or an acquirer to protect their Metaverse businesses, applications and needs

The platforms' biggest growth problem is how to get large businesses and people to join their Metaverse. They can provide this technology and IP to their ecosystem members — and use it to limit traction in competing ecosystems

These patents have 2011 date priority ahead of related technology, businesses and applications started since then

These patents remain in force until the early 2030's. By then, they may help establish one or more Metaverse leaders who help improve billions of lives. Or these patents might be licensed by hundreds of companies like the inventor's previous patents.

Expandiverse IP is represented by Liquidax Capital for IP licensing, partnering or acquisition.

Contact Liquidax herePress release.


Expandiverse Metaverse Technical Guides: 11-Volume Series

(Initial mockup of the 11-volume series as a box set)

The 1,400 page specification, additional material and preparation are privately available as the first Metaverse technical guide series.

This series will help licensees, partners or acquirers build Metaverses designed to include monetizing billions of personal steps each day as people rise to the top in this ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse Economy.

At this stage of Metaverse IP, these technical guides are restricted to Expandiverse IP licensees, partners or an acquirer. A custom technical series can also be developed to fit their needs, business teams and goals.

Contact us below if you are interested.

(PDF cover)

Volume 1

Introduction to the Expandiverse

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 2

Example Industries

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 3

Active Knowledge: Umbrella Service

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 4

Devices 1: New Devices, Devices Families

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 5

Devices 2: Devices Subsystems

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 6

Devices 3: Universal Access (Devices Worldwide)

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 7

Digital Living 1: Shared Planetary Life Spaces

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 8

Digital Living 2: Digital Boundaries with User Control

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 9

Digital Living 3: Four More Digital Realities

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 10

Utility 1: Background Infrastructure

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.
(PDF cover)

Volume 11

Utility 2: Visible Infrastructure

Stage 1: Initial PDFs available to licensees, partners and acquirers.
Stage 2: Customized business and developers' guides can be provided to licensees, partners and acquirers.


What Decides Your Life? Can You and Everyone be empowered for a Metaverse GREAT RISE above today's limits, on a planet that can finally reach its goals?

Only Expandiverse Technology is people-first, designed as "system change" technology at world scale, to help people rise to the top.

Most people don't realize "system change" technology even exists, or how simply and directly millions could start rising by deciding their personal goals should come first. With a couple of clicks, though, people could try this soon, taking control over their devices, their lives and the world.

Welcome to the Expandiverse, where people can Rise to improve their lives and help fix the world.

By the end of this decade, billions of people could make themselves Digitally Wealthy. They can switch to personal exponential growth while transforming world-wide problems like health, climate change and inclusion.

These new advances are for everyone in the Expandiverse's Metaverse, not just for a few giant corporations.

(Click image to see full size)

Yes, this is a giant project for one person. A life's earnings and over a decade of dedicated work have gone into creating the Expandiverse and bringing it to this stage. 

Now that the world is ready to add the Metaverse, the Expandiverse is reaching its starting line. This is the normal next step in a business that is intentionally early by a decade, so it can create, capture and deliver "system change" IP.

Now that you know what is possible, see below for how you might help — and benefit from these advances.


What do You do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget?

For assistance, services, keynote or articles contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

(Click image to see full size)

Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

For Expandiverse IP contact Liquidax for licensing, partnering or acquisition 

(Click image to see full size)

Liquidax represents Expandiverse Technology for licensing, partnering and acquisition.

Liquidax Capital works ahead of the change. It is a private equity based IP asset management firm that focuses on large emerging markets.