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Competitive Analyses

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Five Competitive Analyses

How do your technology and product strategies compare to the world's Top 5 Competitors?






Instead of separate products and brands, the Expandiverse adds a new "People-First" layer:
Every person is elevated to control their devices, digital environments, interfaces and privacy.

Expandiverse IP reshapes today’s markets and how companies compete, by adding new “people-first” technology: Every person is elevated to the top, empowered and made Digitally Wealthy. Tech and companies work for people, instead of people working for companies.

The company(ies) that drives this maximizes its strategic position, ecosystem, revenues and profits as it reshapes multiple global markets

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Competitive Analysis: "Everything App"

Everything App: $5.7 Trillion E-Commerce Markets:  Empower Everyone to Control Commerce

The Metaverse is today's first name for a new virtual layer. When this becomes a people-first layer — the Expandiverse — every person will be elevated to the top. They will run the Metaverses, Internet, devices and physical world. 

Our economies, companies and digital-first commerce will become real-time processes that deliver universal success that includes everyone.

People will set the goals. Companies will assist and serve everyone personally.

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Competitive Analysis: Devices Industry

Electronic Devices: $1 Trillion Market of Phones, Tablets, Laptops, PC's, Wearables, etc.

The Expandiverse “devices family” model includes physical devices, virtual devices and subsidiary devices. This gives each user control over the world’s “devices family.”

This makes humanity’s devices into sharable resources where everyone can add devices for sharing, and use others’ shared devices. This makes everyone “Digitally Wealthy.”

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Competitive Analysis: Communications Industry

Communications, Collaborations, Online Events, Metaverses: $1.8 Trillion Market of Telecoms, Video Conferencing, Online Events, Etc.

The Expandiverse "online-first" model adds “Shared Life Spaces” (SLS). These are user-controlled “digital environments” for work, life and play.

Each SLS includes always-on people in real, virtual or hybrid places, with their apps, services, resources, etc. These replace today’s communica-tions products and services.

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Competitive Analysis: Digital Advertising Industry

Digital Advertising:  $468 Billion Market that will Evolve from Customer-Centered to Customer-Controlled

The Expandiverse "advertising" model elevates users to decide their devices interfaces. You choose your goals, like improving your life, and sustainability to fix the climate crisis.

Your goals are personal instructions that replace the choices across your “devices family.” To be included, companies must help you reach your personal and planetary goals.

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Competitive Analysis: Privacy and Digital Protections

Privacy and Protections: What Consumers and People Want (and a core value of Apple's brand)

The Expandiverse "privacy and protections" model adds seven new kinds of privacy and digital protections to our online-first planet.

For example, privacy-first users do not need to tell the surveillance advertising platforms their goals, replacements, decisions or actions. When people are protected, they will reach their goals privately.


What do You do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget?

For assistance, services, keynote or articles contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

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Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

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