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How can your company leap ahead to lead a People-First Digital Earth? See some of the paradigm shifts in these Expandiverse videos.

To take the lead, be the disruptor

Three video series

1: Digital world

(2 min. Click to watch. Can expand to full screen.)

Transformed World of 2025

We are an online-first world. It's all being transformed. Your choice is simple. By 2025 you can either turn online-first, or this digital bullet will kill you.

2: Strategy

(5 min. Click to watch. Can expand to full screen.)

Defeat Digital Disruption

Everyone knows we're turning fully digital. Strategic disruptions are everywhere. How will your company use this digital acceleration to lead our new online-first world?

3: Lead it

(13 min. Click to watch. Can expand to full screen.)

Lead a Digital Earth

Lead technology, be a fast follower or decline are this decade's strategic options. Helping your customers rise to the top is the secret to leadership. Here are some of the new technologies available to do that.

How People's Goals could Take Control of the Economy

Two video series

1: People take control

(4 min. Click to watch. Can expand to full screen.)

People Use Digital to Take Control

People already control what they look at. Next, Digital Boundaries will expand their control to include their devices. They will decide what they want in and out of their digital lives.

Do you want health and sustainability that stops the climate crisis? When that's the goal of millions of people, they can set their devices to deliver that.

Companies who listen to each person's choices will fit their needs. These new leaders will have a private channel with each person, and high barriers against platforms and competitors.

Personal e-consumption will replace surveillance commerce. And personal, healthy and sustainable relationships will replace today's overwhelming problems.

With a click, everyone can turn off the problems they dislike, and turn on the goals, private channels and satisfaction they want.

2: People-first economy

(6 min. Click to watch. Can expand to full screen.)

People's Goals Run the Economy

The user-controlled interface will become the world's most valuable real estate. Consumers decide their goals and their content, ads and choices fit what they want and choose.

The needs of connected consumers are known every minute, but only by their trusted vendors. Private channels protect companies against competitors. They protect people against platforms. Visible personal satisfaction replaces the surveillance economy.

As each person chooses sustainability, health, inclusion or social justice, that's what the new leading companies deliver. Other companies are no longer visible digitally.

Everyone enjoys privacy and quality. A new "People-First Capitalism" runs the economy, with companies competing to raise private personal satisfaction every minute. People decide, and personally responsive companies lead the economy.

Connected Consumers Drive Live Supply Chains

Two video series

1: Live E-Consumption

(3 min. Click to watch. Can expand to full screen.)

Connected Consumption Drives Living Supply Chains

In a People-First Economy connected consumption drives real-time supply chains:

Demand is direct privately connected e-conumption, with private relationships between customers and their trusted vendors.

Companies direct suppliers to produce personally for their connected consumers. Logistics get the products to each consumer when and where needed.

Finances are transformed for trusted vendors: Vendors slash costs of advertising, warehousing and e-commerce middlemen like Amazon.

Vendors grow their margins, accuracy, efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

2: Living supply chains

(2 min. Click to watch. Can expand to full screen.)

Living Supply Chains Drive Higher Personal Quality for Everyone

With Expandiverse Shared Life Spaces, everyone in a People-First Economy will experience it in a new way.

Everyone will be continuously connected in Expandiverse Shared Spaces. Each minute's personal needs drive their vendors' supply chains in private always-on relationships.

As each person does each step, supply chain managers analyze, orchestrate and improve their coordination, manufacturing and logistics every minute. Digital connections keep consumers up to speed on their vendors' actions, so they can stay in sync.

In these always-on consumer relationships, every person will experience new levels of personal services and quality that are far beyond what has been possible before.

(5 min. Click to watch. Can expand to full screen.)

Intro Video

Are We Just One Large Tech Advance from a Successful Planet?

Are we now just one large tech advance away from the real goal of the 21st Century? Might we soon become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that has ways to include everyone.


What do You do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget?

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Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

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