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The Expandiverse Metaverse:

Become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable real world that includes everyone

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Problem, Challenge, Solution


To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, "we have to slash emissions by about 45 percent from 2010 levels by 2030."

When companies and governments commit to net zero they leave out people. For billions of people to decarbonize 45% of their daily lives by 2030, they must change their food, energy, houses, transportation, clothes and the products they buy.

Corporate ESG* goals don't change a single person's actions. Their climate investments risk failure if they aren't connected with every person, to change billions of personal choices made every day. 


We have never experienced a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. We have never known how to build this.

The world can't decarbonize 45% of its daily lives until billions of people can find their best solutions every day. A planet of about 8 billion people must transform its minute-by-minute choices in years, not decades.

How will people decarbonize 45% of their lives when this means changing billions of choices that are made worldwide every minute, and repeated every day?

We are missing a plan and vision to become a planet of successful people. If everyone is left out, the world's most important goals risk failure.


The real value of innovation is to solve our biggest problems, and to advance humanity to its next stage of development.

In this decade we need a Great RISE by using new technology to produce advances at speed and scale. People need faster progress in reaching their life's goals like health, prosperity and sustainability. The world needs an ESG* Economy that prospers from solutions instead of unyielding problems. We need to prove universal success in a few years, then scale that worldwide in one decade.

The Expandiverse is a Real World Metaverse™ that shows how companies can deliver personal solutions across today's and tomorrow's devices. This Metaverse monetizes the solutions to reaching everyone's personal goals, mitigating the climate crisis and making this a Digitally Wealthy world with real solutions for all.

The companies and organizations that lead this Real World Metaverse can lead a robust ESG Solutions Economy for decades.

*ESG is Environmental, Social and Governance:  ESG is a set of goals, criteria and emerging standards for socially conscious companies, investors and people.


A Demonstration Platform Shows the New Option

New technology, IP and the Real World Metaverse™

Demonstration application: ESG Personal Solutions Platform


Roadmap for this Decisive Decade in the Climate Crisis

If we start the sustainable Expandiverse Metaverse, how will every person and the planet start rising to sustainable prosperity in one decade?

This Real World Metaverse starts a once-in-human-history rise to a fully "online world" that will outperform the physical planet. With the Expandiverse Metaverse each person can improve their life every day, while making this a healthy, prosperous and sustainable world that includes everyone.

This Expandiverse IP helps solve every company's biggest Metaverse problem: There is likely to be ONE "winner take all" Metaverse. The Real World will be the largest Metaverse with the most people and companies. Soon, this Real World Metaverse™ may be the best world for both people and business to choose to live in. 

We are already more advanced than many of us know.

Expandiverse Metaverse IP has already been cited 1,759 times: 318 of these patent citations (1/6th of the total) are by Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft. 635 citations (1/3rd) are by 20 of tech's largest companies.

Will the creator economy eclipse the corporate economy? 

An independent creative, Dan Abelow's previous patents were licensed by 550 companies that include Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft. His lifetime IP has been cited 4,100 times.

The Expandiverse Metaverse is a new kind of "system change IP." It produces a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that helps everyone rise to the top without revolutions, migrations or attacking elites.

People-First Capitalism can deliver unlimited prosperity by helping every person reach their goals sustainably, personally and privately. This comes from an ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse that helps every person rise to the top in years, not generations.

Tech-based societies live in a digital reality designed and managed by tech's giant platforms. This benefits the platforms without solving the world's problems.

Instead, each person could take digital control and use their online-first life to make this an ESG planet that assists them while they help solve the world's problems.

Instead of continuing the last century's mistakes, it is time to digitally empower and assist every person all day long.

What happens if we start Everybody RISE, deliver universal Digital Wealth and convert to an ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse? We can become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.


Roadmap Contents: How to Raise Every Person and Community

Technology improves an affluent person's life in many ways. Next, it will improve all people, connected communities and societies by making every person world class. Then billions of people could help solve the world's problems — health, inequality and sustainability — by starting a "people-first system" within the planet's one-decade deadline.

If we reach the 2030's and billions of people are still living non-sustainable fossil fueled lives, then new climate policies and corporate green promises will not be enough.

These Roadmap pages let you skim Expandiverse Technology IP and its demonstration project Everybody RISE. These show how we can transforma to a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. By 2030 we could live partly or fully in an ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse that assists everyone who wants it worldwide.

On the roadmap pages, skim the titles and images, then read only the texts you want, where you want to know more.

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The Expandiverse Metaverse's Great RISE starts affordably. A series of proofs of concepts use familiar processes (M&A, partnering, roadmaps, user research, design thinking, frequent user tests, MVP's [Minimum Viable Products], scalable prototypes and iterative improvements).

Proven personal solutions will be delivered, validated and grown to 10X more users each year. With this digitial exponential growth, real-time personal solutions can empower millions and then billions of people. These self-chosen improvements will compel companies to evolve from delivering problems to providing a safe, healthy and sustainable "system" for both people and the planet.


Mission: Switch the World from Problems to Solutions

Prove solutions in 1 to 3 years, then scale worldwide in 5 to 10 years

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Expandiverse Technology was created to improve billions of lives in years, rather than generations. Its Real World Metaverse™ is a new kind of "system change technology" that raises everyone to the top. This new technology has already been cited 1,759 times. One-third of these citations are by 20 of tech's leading companies.

This is the decade to leap to humanity's next stage — a sustainable, healthy and universally successful planet — by proving an ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse in a few years. Then in a decade it can be digitally scaled, perhaps growing 10X per year, perhaps by being applied by a billion-user platforms so it has global impact faster. Either way, it will empower billions of people to improve their lives and fix the world every day, all day long.

These personal and private daily decisions could drive a new ESG Personal Solutions Metaverse that produces a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

The world has one lever that changes how it works every decade

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Is this a realistic goal? In the 1960's, the "Space Race" changed the world. In less than 10 years an American walked on the moon. New technologies were created to accomplish this, and they led the world for decades.

The dominance of product search and e-commerce prove that our everyday digital choices direct the real world. Next, a dominant Real World Metaverse will prove that people-first tech will empower every person to improve their life and fix the real world with their digital decisions.

Within years the daily decisions of billions of people could choose better lives on a healthy and sustainable planet. When people can choose, billions will switch from our non-sustainable economy to an online-first ESG Personal Solutions Economy. 

That's the mission of Expandiverse IP, to digitally deliver and empower universal personal success on a digital-first planet where everyone's choices elevate themselves and the real world every day.


About the Inventor

Abelow self-funded and privately created new Expandiverse "system change technology" because it is clear that our "system" causes the climate crisis, fails at preparing for pandemics like Covid-19, and actively continues problems like inequality, global chronic diseases and lack of inclusion. As we face overwhelming challenges today's world cannot solve, Dan creates new ways to fix our "system" before it breaks us.

Dan holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School. His lifetime inventions have been cited over 4,100 times. His previous patents were licensed by over 550 companies. 

After Dan sold his previous patent portfolio, he had to decide whether to retire or bet it all on a decades-long project to solve humanity's generations-spanning, persistent challenges. 

The Expandiverse is Dan's latest innovation and IP. This is a new kind of "system change technology" that corporate R&D and profit-first investors did not fund in 2007 when Dan started creating the Expandiverse, and in 2010 and 2011 when he started filing its patents. 

Since patents last 20 years, Dan's business model is patience. Now that overwhelming problems like the climate crisis and the pandemic are exploding, it has become obvious that system change is essential. This may make the Expandiverse the visionary opportunity the world doesn't have today — for every person to rise to the top, for companies that want profitable climate investments, and for our world to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

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Dan Abelow has never sued anyone for patent infringement.

His name was connected to some patent infringement lawsuits filed by others. Abelow sold his previous patent portfolio in 2004 to an Intellectual Ventures company who licensed many leading companies. Intellectual Ventures divested these patents to companies that used their patent ownership to license more companies, and they sued some companies for patent infringement. Their lawsuits named the "Abelow patents" that they owned, and they filed the lawsuits.

Dan Abelow is a tech creator who has never sued anyone for patent infringement.


Citations by Experts Who Know Cutting-Edge Technology

One-third of the Expandiverse's 1,759 citations — 635 citations — are by 20 tech leaders

U.S. Patent Examiners' most cited IP in 2017

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The U.S. Patent Office is where new technology is judged and certified as an invention. For a new patent application, examiners cite previous inventions that are first. The examiners prevent applicants from re-patenting a previous technology.

In 2017, Expandiverse IP was cited by U.S. patent examiners more than any other when they reviewed new patent applications. Why? A lot of applicants want to patent new technology that the Expandiverse already created and filed as IP (Intellectual Property).

Which 20 tech leaders cited this 635 times?

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What does big tech's R&D do? They invest billions to patent and buy (acquire) the IP they need to lead tomorrow's digital-first planet. When they cite technology that's in their bullseye, they cite Expandiverse IP (Intellectual Property) again and again.

The average patent is cited just 3 to 6 times in its 20-year life. Out of every million patents, only 100 patents are cited more than 100 times. The Expandiverse is already 17X larger than that elite group.


The Size of the Expandiverse Real World Metaverse Fits the Corporate Goal to be Business Leaders

Companies invest to be leaders, which fits the Expandiverse IP's Real World Metaverse

What does the Real World Metaverse™ add? It super-sizes Metaverse monetization

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The world faces overwhelming problems like health, inequality and climate change. But it doesn't know how to solve them.

Now, the Expandiverse is ready to transform the world with an ESG Personal Solutions Economy that can assist everyone every minute. It adds the Personal Solutions Operating System, Assembly Layers and the Real World Metaverse™ to transform the "system." 

Large numbers of people could take digital control, improve their lives and help replace problems like the non-sustainable economy and inequality. 

With this ESG Personal Solutions Economy, each person receives solutions that improve their life. Personal solutions also lead to adding more personal goals to solve more problems. Companies that deliver the best solutions get a new personal channel that help grow their economic leadership. 

Who will win this decade's competitive race? The world bets $4 Trillion every year on IT

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Leaders change when a new kind of technology emerges and the old leaders can't adapt. It's Clayton Christianson's Innovator's Dilemma. The old winners are trapped by their business model, while new entrants take the market away.

Consider the weakness of tech's giant platforms. As long as they sell the obsolete non-sustainable economy on their giant advertising and e-commerce surveillance platforms, they must keep the non-sustainable economy dominant to keep winning. They're so big they must sell everything, so they depend on the fossil fueled economy to for their huge revenues.

But frequent climate disasters could lead large numbers of consumers to replace the non-sustainable economy that damages them. When people use the Expandiverse to choose a sustainable economy, then people-first consumers and companies will develop direct relationships that exclude surveillance commerce.

Your strategic lesson?

New leaders take over when new technologies change the way the world works. How much will a Real World Metaverse change?

Personal goals with real-time ESG solutions will replace many parts of tech's surveillance commerce. Sustainable customers and vendors will connect directly and privately. 

These new personal abilities will empower everyone at global scale, so we can become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable world that includes everyone.

We could all grow Digitally Wealthy in years, not generations.


What do You do if You are an Executive with Interest, Large Goals, Authority and Budget?

For assistance, services, keynote or articles contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

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Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so that everyone can improve their life and direct a better world.

Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

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