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Prove traction and scale by 2023 to 2025. Engage billions by 2030.


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The Metaverse will change tech's leading platforms and companies

Only one company will win when a winner-take-all Metaversity arrives. That's because people and businesses will choose the Metaverse everyone else uses. 

Here is free learning on how you can win today's shift to the Metaverse:

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About Your Metaversity

Use this section to describe the most important benefit of your product and make sure to describe it in such a way that it's clear who the ideal customer or user for this product is.

An Example of What You Learn

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Every person and the world face overwhelming problems like health, inequality and climate change. That's because today's economy does not produce a healthy, prosperous and sustainable world that includes everyone — and humanity does not know how to build this.

Now, in a Real World Metaverse, every person can be assisted every minute, transforming limited lives from unsolvable problems to personal solutions each person can apply privately. Collectively, this Metaverse can monetize (potentially) billions of personal steps forward every day, as we each transform our parts of the Earth.

What will a Personal Solutions Operating System do for the Metaverse? For the first time in history, every person can set their personal goals and receive personal solutions that fit them. Everyone can improve their life all day long. Since these are ESG* solutions, we also help turn this into a sustainable planet that includes everyone.

Joining and starting take only a few clicks on a device people already own. Sharing this is free, easy and fast. Within years instead of decades, both people and the planet can be advancing every minute and every day.

This Real World Metaveerse turns the devices everyone already uses into tailwinds that push a positive world upward, as well as working on tomorrow's VR-AR-XR.

*ESG = Environmental, Social and Governance: ESG is set of goals, measurements and emerging standards for socially conscious people, companies and investors

Real Technology Builds a Real World Metaverse

Outperform the Physical World

The Expandiverse is a new kind of "system change" technology that builds a people-first world. This adds a new digital layer that empowers everyone's digital life, work, learning and play.

This IP (Intellectual Property) has been cited 1,759 times. One-third of the citations are by the 20 tech leaders in this image. 318 of these patent citations (one-sixth) are by Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Samsung and Microsoft.

Next, this Real World Metaverse enables every person to use their digital choices to improve their life every day, and also fix the Real World.

With this, people decide the goals and the world assists them. Billions will switch from the non-sustainable economy to this Metaverse ESG Personal Solutions Economy.

Within years the daily decisions of billions of people could choose unlimited lives for themselves, and a healthy and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

Is "System Change" Realistic?

Can We All Change the World?

Our biggest problems overwhelm governments, corporations, international organizations, economic systems and philanthropies. None of these change enough to solve problems like health, inequality (prosperity) and the climate crisis.

But every decade new technology changes how the world works and how we live. The real value of innovation is to solve our biggest problems, and advance humanity to its next stage.

In the 1960's, the "Space Race" changed the world. In less than 10 years an American walked on the moon. New technologies were created to accomplish this, and they led the world for decades.

In the 2020's the winner-take-all Metaverse will develop and change the leaders again. Tech's's leaders will be trapped because they sell the non-sustainable economy that limits people's lives and damages the world.

In the Real World Metaverse people will decide their goals, and the solutions they want will flow to them all day long. Solving crises like health, climate change, inequality and inclusion will be frequent enough to change the system.

By taking control, people will start a new stage of history, a world where billions of people choose the goals, improve their lives every day, and help fix the world.

By about 2030 we will we live in a Real World Metaverse that empowers everyone to lead healthy, more prosperous and sustainable lives as they make this a Solutions Economy that prospers by assisting everyone.