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A new direction:
Real World Metaverse™

Expandiverse Technology raises everyone to the top: 

Become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable world that includes everyone

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Problem, Challenge, Solution

Problem:  We have never experienced a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. We have never known how to build this.
Challenge: The climate crisis will force us to switch the economy to solutions by about 2023 to 2025, so that it can scale worldwide by the 2030 climate deadline. We must transform billions of daily lives in years, not generations.
Solution: The real value of innovation is to solve our biggest problems, and to advance humanity to its next stage. This new Expandiverse Technology has already been cited 1,628 times. The Expandiverse adds a new solutions platform, operating system and Real World Metaverse™. It helps produce personal, societal and planetary success.

Dan Abelow .
Inventor, Expandiverse Technology
Founder, Everybody Rise Platform

New IP, technology, operating system and Metaverse

Demonstration application: ESG Personal Solutions Economy

Mission: Switch the World from Problems to Solutions

Expandiverse Technology was created to improve billions of lives in years, rather than generations. This Real World Metaverse™ is a new kind of "system change technology" that raises everyone to the top. This new technology has already been cited 1,628 times.

This is the time to leap to humanity's next stage — a sustainable, healthy and universally successful planet — by proving an ESG Solutions Platform by 2022 to 2025. Then by 2030 it can be digitally scaled, perhaps growing 10X per year, until it assists billions of people who improve their lives while driving a new ESG Solutions Economy.

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Is this a realistic goal? In the 1960's, the "Space Race" changed the world. In less than 10 years an American walked on the moon. New technologies were created to accomplish this, and they led the world for decades.

In the 2020's we need The Great Rise to change the world again. The companies and organizations that lead this may lead the world for decades.


How to Raise Every Person, Community and the World

Technology improves one person's life in many ways. Next, it will improve connected communities and societies by making every person world class. Then billions of people could help solve the world's problems — health, inequality and sustainability — by the 2030 climate crisis deadline.

If we reach 2030 and billions of people are still living non-sustainable fossil fueled lives, then new UN climate policies and government green initiatives will not be enough.

This long page lets you skim Expandiverse technology and its demonstration project Everybody RISE. These show how we can transformation to a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. By 2030 we could have a sustainable ESG Solutions Economy that helps everybody.

This page titles and images can be skimmed with rapid browsing. There is optional information in each of the sections.

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This new technology's transformation starts affordably. A series of proofs of concepts use the familiar design process of roadmaps, user research, designs, frequent user tests, scalable prototypes and iterations — to develop proven personal solutions that can be delivered and grown to 10X more users per year.

With digitial exponential growth, real-time personal solutions can empower millions and then billions of people. These self-chosen improvements will compel companies to evolve from delivering problems to providing the safe, healthy and sustainable planet people require.



Some Leaders' Citations of Expandiverse Technology

27 Patent Citations by

35 Patent Citations by

113 Patent Citations by


Citations by Experts Who Know Cutting-Edge Technology

One-third of its 1,628 citations — 553 citations — are by 20 of tech's leaders

U.S. Patent Examiners' most cited IP in 2017

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The U.S. Patent Office is where new technology is judged and certified as a real invention. Patent examiners cite the technology that is first, to prevent applicants from re-patenting an existing invention. In 2017, Expandiverse IP was cited by U.S. patent examiners more than any other when they reviewed new patent applications. Why? A lot of patent applicants want what the Expandiverse was first to create.

Tech's leaders cite this repeatedly

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What does big tech's R&D do? They invest billions to create and patent the technologies they will need to lead tomorrow's digital economy. When they cite technology that's in their bullseye, they cite Expandiverse IP (Intellectual Property) again and again.

The average patent is cited just 3 to 6 times. Out of every million patents, only 100 patents are cited more than 100 times. The Expandiverse is already 16X larger than that elite group.


Why is Expandiverse IP Cited so Often?

Can every person and business be moved to the top? Imagine a rapid leap upward: You and everyone rise toward the top on an Online-First World. Humanity's combined digital abilities and resources are at your fingertips. You set your goals then receive active guidance instantly during online steps, succeeding rapidly at full speed, all day long. Your life keeps improving in the ways you choose.

In this new world, you and everybody become the leaders who help solve the climate crisis, health, inequality and social justice.

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With the Expandiverse, people choose the goals. Then they receive real-time solutions that help them succeed. This private assistance replaces tech's surveillance platforms for search, advertising and shopping. Everyone is served personally, in an online-first world where being connected makes everyone as good as the best in the world.


Next IP Steps: Valuation and Divisionals

Independent, expert IP valuation

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How much is this worth? Fortunately, experts have valued this IP. The cost-benefits relationships are remarkable.

Divisionals: A patent family and IP portfolio

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Some areas of technology are more important to you than others. Here's what the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification includes, so you can build the patent family that fits your goals. We're glad to help with your IP roadmap, Expandiverse patent filings and IP asset management.


We are Already More Advanced than You Know

Don't waste time when you need digital accelerations and transformations. Good innovations are often hard and slow. Instead, direct shortcuts can pay for themselves.

The Expandiverse is much more than IP. It is a way to choose your future technology, role and leadership by the mid-2020's.

Our services include new technology, strategy and helping develop your advances. We listen well, are easy to work with, and help you reach your goals. 

Let's start with your most important question:  Where do you want to go, and when do you want to get there?

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About the Inventor

Abelow self-funded and privately created new Expandiverse "system change technology" because it is clear that our "system" causes the climate crisis, failed at preparing for the Covid-19 pandemic, and continues problems like inequality, global chronic diseases and diversity. As we face big challenges, Dan's is creating new ways to fix our "system" before it breaks us.

The Expandiverse is Dan Abelow's latest IP. His lifetime inventions have been cited over 4,100 times, and been licensed by over 550 companies. Dan holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

After he sold his previous patent portfolio Abelow had to decide whether to retire, or bet it all on a decades-long project to solve humanity's biggest challenges. 

The Expandiverse is a new kind of innovation that corporate R&D and profit-first investors did not fund while Dan created the Expandiverse and started filing its patents.

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Disclosure: Dan Abelow has never sued anyone for patent infringement, but his name was connected to some patent infringement lawsuits filed by others. Abelow sold his previous patent portfolio in 2004 to an Intellectual Ventures company who licensed many leading companies. Intellectual Ventures divested these patents to Webvention and Lodsys who used their patent ownership to license companies, and they sued some companies for patent infringement. Their lawsuits named the "Abelow patents" that they owned, and they filed the lawsuits. Dan Abelow is a tech creator who has never sued anyone for patent infringement.


Proven: Commercially Useful and Valuable Creator

Previous patents were licensed by over 550 companies

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Many of these licensees are tech's leading companies, and others are some of the world's best known brands.

In 2004 Abelow sold his entire patent portfolio to an Intellectual Ventures company. They licensed many leading companies. Then in 2009, Intellectual Ventures divested this portfolio to Webvention and Lodsys, who licensed more companies. In total, over 550 companies licensed patents from this portfolio. 

Abelow has never sued anyone for patent infringement. Later owners of Abelow's previous patents used them, as their patents, to file patent infringement lawsuits.

An example previous patent licensed by over 200 companies

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Are Abelow's inventions broadly useful? Here is an invention you use all day long in many parts of your life.

You constantly use 1-on-1 communications in personal alerts and messages through your phone, apps, smart speakers, computers and smart devices (IoT, Internet of Things devices).

Abelow invented the first patent and IP family that described these 2-way personal interactions during the use of products and services. These Abelow patents have been licensed over 200 times and cited more than 2,000 times.


Resources to Grow the Expandiverse's People-First World

Public Resources

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Business Resources

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Technical Resources

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This is a journey. A lot has been done. More is being added. Welcome aboard.


The Real World Metaverse™ is Much More than VR / AR

What does the Real World add? The Expandiverse super-sizes the prize

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The world faces overwhelming problems like health, inequality and climate change. But it doesn't know how to solve them.

Now, the Expandiverse is ready to transform the world with an ESG Solutions Economy. It adds the Personal Solutions Operating System, Assembly Layers and the Real World Metaverse™ to start this. 

Large numbers of people could take digital control to help replace problems like the non-sustainable economy and inequality. 

With this ESG Personal Solutions Economy, each person receives solutions that improve their life. Personal solutions also lead to adding more personal goals to solve more problems. Companies that deliver the best solutions get a new personal channel that help grow their economic leadership. 

Who can use this? World leading companies with goals, budgets, executives and teams

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Huge competitors with big budgets are making the Metaverse more than VR games. Analysts are already predicting the end of the iPhone and other smart phones by 2030, when they're replaced by new devices with new ways to live and work.

With the future up for grabs, a growing list of companies have committed billion dollar budgets to replacing today's leading companies by taking this technological lead for themselves.

Interestingly, a lot of large companies could lead this transformation. They have the corporate board direction, the tech-savvy leadership and the budgets for the relatively small cost of including Expandiverse Technology.


How and When does the World Change? How Big is This Change?

Only one force is powerful enough to change the world in this decade

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How and when will the world change?

Today's obstacles seem large because governments, societies, inequality and economic systems don’t change fast enough. But the Expandiverse changes the paradigm from problems to solutions, and from obstacles to advances.

New technology has a proven track record of transforming how everyone lives and works every decade. The real value of innovation is to solve our biggest problems, and advance humanity to its next stage.

We are more advanced than you know.

One Expandiverse way to help every person is to empower them to solve problems privately, directly and digitally. When people control their devices and interfaces, they will set their goals and decide the world. 

Who will win this decade's competitive race? Who will lead the world in 2025 and 2030?

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Leaders change when a new kind of winner emerges and the old winners can't adapt. It's Clayton Christianson's Innovator's Dilemma. The old leaders are trapped by their business model, while new entrants take the market away.

Consider the weakness of Facebook, Google and Amazon. They run giant advertising and e-commerce surveillance platforms that sell the obsolete non-sustainable economy. They win as long as they keep the non-sustainable economy dominant. They're so big they must sell everything, so they depend on the fossil fueled economy to stay on top.

But frequent climate disasters could lead large numbers to replace the non-sustainable economy that damages them. People will make the economy sustainable faster, and people-first companies will take the lead.

A new private channel will replace many parts of today's surveillance platforms. Sustainable customers will connect to sustainable vendors directly, and grow a new ESG Personal Solutions Economy.


The 2020's Big New Markets: ESG and Climate Crisis

Investors expect ESG everywhere

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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments used to be acceptable if they could outperform traditional investments. Now ESG is becoming the expected standard for investments and assets.

How will investors find ESG investments and assets at the scale of tens of trillions of dollars that need good financial returns? If they help fund, develop and guide an Everybody Rise platform, they will drive the ESG Solutions Economy they need. They will maximize the profits from replacing the non-sustainable economy.

Size of three Climate Crisis markets

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The climate crisis is an example with people worldwide who want to help end it. Providing sustainable solutions is projected to produce:

  • $7 trillion: ADAPT to climate change
  • $26 trillion: GROW a green climate economy
  • $145 trillion: FULL climate economic benefits

The opportunity for consumers to set their personal goals and receive personal ESG solutions is timely. In many industries, a leading company might turn its markets private and directly connected by making customers radically more successful — so they can improve their lives and help the world at the same time.


Size and Speed of Decarbonizing: Digital Acceleration

Size: ESG Solutions Economy is 100% of GDP in Many Categories

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Climate change is driving tech-driven transformation. Its Digital Acceleration will be big and fast.

The market size of the Solutions Economy is a new way of looking at the world's problems, because this starts and grows an ESG Solutions Economy that can replace all parts of the non-sustainable economy.

As people use Real-Time Solutions all day long to improve their lives and reach their goals, they transform their lives, their prosperity, the economy, and the planet.

Expandiverse thinking adds new ways to start this ESG Solutions Economy.

Speed: Everyone has proved Digital Acceleration works at world scale

(Click image to see full size)

When the pandemic arrived, Zoom changed the world in weeks. The speed and scale of tech's transformation power is undeniable.

In 2020 we went into a pandemic lockdown. Overnight, we switched to zoom and changed how we work, live, learn and shop. Our lives are still "online-first" with everything changed.

Zoom was prepared. Its traffic soared 30X. It'srevenue swelled 4X and its income surged 7X. It's market cap multiplied 10X, enriching its executives and shareholders.

This transition also changed the economy's winners and losers. Many physical leaders went bankrupt. The new online-first leaders, like Zoom, win bigger and faster.

Your lesson?

New leaders win in the turns, when a new technology arrives and old businesses fall behind.


Lift the Planet: Start Universal Digital Wealth to Help Solve Inequality

Today, tech's giant platforms use exponential growth for themselves. People and companies work for them. Their surveillance economy makes their shareholders richer. They capture the world's wealth, increasing inequality.

What if the power of exponential growth assisted every person by delivering the world's best solutions in real-time, to help every person reach their goals? 

As each person sees their "next best steps" throughout the day, each person is empowered to reach for their goals. Participating organizations see how to improve the solutions they deliver. Everyone can try humanity's best combined abilities. Their anonymous results reveal the best solutions that improve people's lives and the world.

Humanity's digital wealth is developed and delivered for real-time uses everywhere, to empower everyone who wants it.

This adds a new umbrella layer — a user-controlled Digital Environment — over devices, brands, tech platforms and the Internet. This Universal Digital Wealth helps make every person as good as the best in the world.

As each person takes control of the digital world, they decide their goals and this "system" works for them — bringing them the lives they want.

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Could this decade be an exciting and historic inflection point? We are at starting to solve the climate crisis by transforming the non-sustainable fossil fueled economy. As we do this, might we solve other overwhelming problems like inequality and health?

The ESG Personal Solutions Economy is a new kind of Digital Wealth that serves everyone. Humanity's continuous advances are discovered, measured and delivered to fit each person's goals.

This "solutions system" empowers every person and organization with direct growth toward their goals. While delivered and measured privately, our digital wealth is combined anonymously to help everyone grow toward their goals all day long, every day.


A People-First World where Every Person is in Control

Today, digital reality is designed as a business model that directs our commercial choices. We live inside the surveillance commerce system designed by Google, Facebook, Amazon and other tech giants. Their business is to sell us the non-sustainable economy, and persuade all of us to buy it and live inside of it. They make all of us join them in destroying the Earth, so they can increase their revenues and their wealth.

Instead, the Expandiverse shifts control to every person. You choose your goals, receive the world's best solutions and choose the ones that you want. You replace today's limits with a new ESG Personal Solutions Economy that serves you — even if you choose basic redirections like health, inclusion and sustainability.

The Expandiverse adds a "Real World Generator," which is part of its IP. Its Real World Metaverse™ elevates every person to the top of the world's pyramid. For the first time in history, people decide what their reality is: 

  • What should my world be? 
  • What are my goals and how do I want to live?
  • Which people-first companies will I choose because they serve me directly and personally? 
  • Which companies will I replace because they don't support my goals, my life and my choices?
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See the original Expandiverse Vision
filed with the U.S. Patent Office in 2010 and 2011

Quote from the first Expandiverse patent filing in 2010 and 2011, named "Reality Alternate": 

Is it possible that a new era might emerge when one of the improvement options could be:
'If you want a better reality, switch it."

Dan Abelow
Inventor, Expandiverse Technology



Operating Systems (OS) Change How the World Works: Here is the Personal Metaverse Solutions Operating System

1991: The OS ran COMPUTERS. 2005: The OS ran PHONES. NOW: The OS will let every person run the WORLD by giving us the PERSONAL SOLUTIONS we choose.

Empowered by a Personal Solutions OS, people will improve their lives while solving the world's problems

Operating System

Microsoft's best acquisition ever was buying QDOS for $50K*. Microsoft licensed it to IBM and other PC vendors for the Personal Computer's operating system. This purchase was the cash cow that enabled Microsoft to grow into the beating heart of most of the world's personal computers.

Personal PHONE
Operating System

Google's best acquisition ever was Android, when it bought this startup for $50 million*. Google gave the Android OS to the world's smart phone vendors for free so long as they used Google's services. Because Android is on over 80% of the world's smart phones, Google's services are used by billions of people worldwide, every day.

SOLUTIONS Operating System*

The Expandiverse adds a PERSONAL SOLUTIONS Operating System.* This changes today's "system" from user-centered to user-directed. This OS empowers every person to make this a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. People choose their goals and rise toward achieving them.

* Components specified in Expandiverse Technology, with 1,628 patent citations.

Parts of how the Personal Solutions Operating System works

Henry Ford's Assembly Line Transformed the Economy:
Now Expandiverse Assembly Layers may Transform the Planet

People, companies and societies have big goals they can't reach today. How will we change that?

Ford's Assembly Line changed the economy and society: Can Assembly Layers empower everyone to change their lives, the economy and the world?

(Click image to see full size)

In 1914 Henry Ford's new Assembly Line founded mass production, created the middle class and changed society. It transformed products, consumption, working conditions and economic competition.

Today, our biggest, most damaging problems seem beyond our personal reach. That will change when a digital ESG layer puts each person in control, with new abilities to decide the goals and achieve them.

A new Expandiverse Assembly Layer empowers everyone to receive digital exponential growth with the "FAST Results" User Experience (FAST is Find, Act, Save, Transform). This continuous engagement model includes:

  1. Find: Choose your goals and the best ESG solutions are displayed in real-time. The "system" is changed to help people achieve the goals they want
  2. Act: Active Guide displays ESG solutions that enable goals so people can try the solutions they want
  3. "GO FAST UX": The User Experience (UX) is continuous engagement "GO FAST" User Experience: Choose GOals, Then Find, Act, Save and Transform
  4. Use: For the solutions you like, try, save and start re-using the solutions you want
  5. Transform: Each person sees their results, their progress to their goals, and their sustainability
  6. Improve Solutions: Participating companies see the best solutions and their gaps to improve their solutions
  7. Fill Gaps: Continuously discover, prove and deliver new and better solutions
  8. Change the world: Switch to a people-first ESG Solutions Economy: People choose goals, take control, and "the system" provides the best ESG solutions

Choose your goals, take digital control of your connected devices

People-First Control: Switch from "System Goals and Choices" to User-Controlled Goals and Choices

Choose your goals. Take control. See your personal solutions.

Today's "system" presents your choices — the ads, products and services that you choose between to live your life.

Tech's surveillance platforms display "the system's" ads and products, and it sells those non-sustainable products. They run an economy that is destroying the Earth. These platforms know the choices they offer are harmful.

Instead, people-first control lets users decide their goals — like sustainability, health, prosperity and inclusion. They can decide to digitally replace the ads, products, content and companies so their choices fit their goals.

This user-controlled Digital Environment spans a user's connected devices. As you move from place to place, time to time, and device to device, your goals and the choices you want will move with you.

For example, people could switch their digital choices from fossil fuels to renewables simply by digitally replacing the 100 companies that are the source of over 70% of the world's carbon emissions since 1988. 

(Click image to see full size)

When people set the goals, they move to the top, above tech's surveillance platforms. People track companies and what they send digitally. The users' devices' interfaces present the choices that fit the goals each user sets.

Tipping points are triggered when enough people the same goals. Scientific American reports a surprisingly small 25% tipping point in "The 25% Revolution—How Big Does a Minority Have to Be to Reshape Society?"

Choose your goals, take digital control of your connected devices

People-First Control: Switch from the "System's Choices" to User-Controlled Goals and Choices

Choose your goals. Take control. See your personal solutions.

(Click image to see full size)

Today's "system" presents your choices — the ads, products and services that you buy to live life. These are presented by surveillance platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon. 

Many people don't want to see choices they dislike and know harms them, and harms the world. Tech's platforms know many choices they display are harmful and not wanted, but they're paid so they deliver them.

But new Expandiverse Technology lets users decide their goals — like sustainability, health, prosperity and inclusion. This digitally replaces the ads, products, content and companies so their see what they want. This new control spans a user's devices so their choices move with them.

When people set the goals, they move to the top, above tech's surveillance platforms. Tipping points are triggered when enough people the same goals. Scientific American reports a surprisingly small 25% tipping point in "The 25% Revolution—How Big Does a Minority Have to Be to Reshape Society?"

For example, people could switch their digital choices from fossil fuels to renewables simply by digitally replacing the 100 companies that are the source of over 70% of the world's carbon emissions since 1988. 

Users decide how fast to end the climate crisis and change the world

(Click image to see full size)

Self-determination is a universal right. Next, people can decide how FAST they will start a sustainable economy, and how soon they will stop the non-sustainable economy.

Every person can select the timeline that requires companies to change or be replaced digitally. Since turning sustainable takes years, this example timeline starts at 25% in 2023 and reaches 100% in 2030. Other timelines could be switched to in one-click. Alternate timelines could be provided by third-parties like the United Nations SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals), leading climate change organizations, and activists like Greta Thunberg and #FridaysForFuture.

How many people will take digital control? A pre-cursor example is ad blocking, and 47% of Internet users in 2019 used ad blocking. That was estimated to be 2 billion ad block usersworldwide.

Will people require companies to turn sustainable? When the UN Development Program (UNDP) ran a People's Climate Vote, two-thirds of the 1.2 million respondents in 50 countries said climate change is "a global emergency".

Will corporations respond to users who take digital control?*

Picture a CEO calling an "all hands" meeting of the company's product mangers and supply chain managers. That CEO could say, "Last year 5% of our customers digitally replaced our products, ads and content with sustainable competitors. This year the forecast is 14% replacement. Our growth has plateaued and revenues will soon start falling. Sustainable companies are replacing us, and investors are reacting. Our stock price just took a big hit."

"We have to catch up now, before it's too late. You have to make everything sustainable right now. And I want you to share every sustainability improvement with each other. Consumers are changing our markets. From this minute on, your job is to make this a sustainable company before it's too late."

* Future scenario, not a case history

Active Guide: See your personal solutions in real-time

RISE Active Guide: Start and Grow an ESG Personal Solutions Economy

The economy's next leaders will deliver Personal Solutions to people worldwide

(Click image to see full size)

RISE's Solutions Economy makes this a hyper-collaborative planet. The world's best choices can always be visible to people, businesses, organizations and societies. Everyone can be as good as the world's best.

RISE's Active Guide helps people and organizations throughout the day by delivering the best known sustainable ESG solutions personally to everyone at once. This helps everyone end the climate crisis and inequality by making everyone as good as the best in the world.

Every step is a private learning point:

  • See a solution as "your next best choice" or "the short path to your goal"
  • Decide to use it or not
  • See its success or failure when tried
  • If liked, is the solution saved?
  • If saved, is it reused? How often? How much is changed by the re-uses?
  • The best solutions are discovered, proven by use and rise to the top. These are delivered widely so that everyone knows the best choices.

RISE's Active Guide learns privately and continuously from real uses. This new hyper-collaboration then delivers the world's best ESG solutions to everyone.

Active Guide delivers solutions when and where needed

(Click image to see full size)

Education is one of the most powerful forces for people to improve their lives, and for societies to advance. Now RISE's Active Guide* turns learning continuous, real-time, bite-sized and measurable.

Solutions are delivered inside the digital steps people take all day long, to help them reach their goals. Everyone can see “your next best step," and "the short path to your goal." They can use RISE's "GO FAST" User Experience (Choose GOals, then Find, Act, Save and Transform) to reach their goals rapidly, directly and repeatedly.

A back-end AI drives the Active Guide by learning what works privately as it helps people and organizations throughout the day. Each choice and action are kept private, but the AI's learning is shared so everyone receives the solutions that work the best. Whenever a person doesn't want a solution, other solutions can be chosen. 

Or, live person-to-person Q&A's can be used. Here an AI selects appropriate volunteers who want to help, with full privacy protections for those asking and those who reply. Successful Q&A's train the Active Guide's AI so millions of Q&A's grow the Active Guide.

The overall result is "Digital Wealth" where everyone receives the best solutions continuously. A new worldwide norm begins: Humanity's best solutions are part of everyone's daily life, enabling everyone to be the best.

* In Expandiverse Technology, "Active Knowledge" is the term used. This differs from today's "static knowledge" which requires education, degrees and experts. Active Knowledge emerges from behavior, is continuously discovered and improved, and is dynamically delivered to improve people's real-time choices and results. Its potential contribution is a universal "system" where every person sees the world's most successful choices so they can try them throughout the day. Its potential impact is to make this a digitally wealthy planet where people can advance at the speed of humanity's combined and growing abilities.

Connected ESG Commerce: The sustainable connected consumption platform

The Economy's Next Leaders will Deliver Personal Solutions instead of Climate Problems

Customer journeys and experiences use RISE's "FAST UX": Find, Act, Save and Transform

As people take digital control they choose their goals. These goals focus the ESG solutions they receive. They're ESG because each solution increases sustainability to help end the climate crisis.

RISE's "FAST UX" (UX is User Experience) empowers each person to Find their solutions, Act on the ones they want, Save the best and re-use them easily. This Transforms today’s non-sustainable economy away from the disasters of the Surveillance Internet and the Climate Crisis. It starts the successful human and environmental solutions people want and could soon choose at exponential scale.

As people receive and use personal solutions to achieve their goals, this connected consumption platform replaces the non-sustainable economy and ends the climate crisis sooner. Everybody RISE's revenues include a slice of many of the resulting transactions, helping pay for delivering this "system change" for free to people.

(Click image to see full size)

When people are empowered to choose their goals and achieve them directly, they change the "system" to people-first. Many people will add sustainability, health, prosperity, privacy and inclusion, and see their progress on a personal dashboard as they rise.

Companies still make the products, sell them, earn the profits and increase their shareholder values. But people choose their goals and directly connected companies help them succeed. The Expandiverse calls this People-First Capitalism.

"FAST" ease of use: Try, save and re-use the best solutions

Connected Commerce monetizes Solutions Transactions: Replace the non-sustainable economy

How does RISE make the non-sustainable physical economy obsolete? As people use their new people-first control and Digital Wealth solutions they RISE personally. They see the world's best solutions surround them, so they can replace the non-sustainable economy quickly, ending the climate crisis sooner. 

This evolves consumption to direct private connections with sustainable vendors. This sustainable ESG economy is made "walk-up-and-use" simple — easier than today's non-sustainable economy. Everyone immediately knows the most sustainable choices around them. They can act instantly and meet needs directly.

Experiencing a solution opens the door to adding goals like energy, food, water, health, learning, shelter, transportation and a restored environment. 

(Click image to see full size)
This uses RISE's "FAST UX": Find, Act, Save and Transform.

When sustainability is made the easiest choice, everyone can improve rapidly. Their lives RISE while helping end the climate crisis, solving chronic health problems, overcoming inequality and making the economy inclusive.

See your results and your progress to your goals

Everyone Knows: See Your Personal RISE Privately All Day Long

Here's where you control your part of the "system." Knowledge is power, and you become powerful when you can clearly see your goals, actions, results and gaps.

Now you can act decisively: Choose your goals, try the best solutions, act on them, and save "your solutions" to transform your life with immediate re-uses of what helps you the most.

You gain continuous engagement with new ways to improve your life and transform "the system." By making your life better you take control of the world, instead of the world controlling you.

This produces a private services environment that's beyond Amazon Prime, without being charged for it. Each user knows:

  • What are my goals and my current progress to reach them? Where are my gaps?
  • Which choices, products and companies help meet my goals? These are what I see and use digitally across my devices, places and times. How much does it help to replace the "system's" choices with my goals and solutions? Am I growing the direct connections I need with solutions that work for me?
  • What saves me money? How much am I spending compared to my income and budget? 
(Click image to see full size)

Today's system tells you your choices. If you want to live sustainably, it forces you to choose from the the non-sustainable ads, products and services it sells. Your values and needs are ignored. You have little power or influence.

Everybody RISE gives you new ways to answer life's most important question: Does technology control you, or do you control technology

My digital actions are triggers. With an Active Guide, my solutions are always visible so I can continuously improve.

This makes my results clear at every step, every day. Immediate choices are easy. I help me and the world without needing the surveillance platforms of search, social and online shopping.

Participating companies get the ESG revenues and profits

Participating Companies Know the Best Solutions so they can Fill Their Gaps

Companies live in a competitive market where their success depends on their employees knowing the market needs, the best solutions and delivering them quickly. It's a huge obstacle when it is hard to know what people want, how to reach each person with specific needs, and which ESG solutions help them the best. The "invisible hand of the market" makes every step difficult, slow and expensive.

We no longer have time to wait. Companies need a "visible hand of the market" so they can accelerate and generate sales and profits from an ESG Solutions Economy.

Companies that join Everybody RISE will know the best solutions and their metrics. This lets every ESG company measure their solutions against the best competitors, and add continuous ESG improvements.

These companies can also display and deliver their ESG solutions to each consumer worldwide, based on their goals and needs. This new "visible hand of the market" keeps every person private while showing them the best available ways to reach their goals. Participating companies accelerate to the top of their industries, making non-sustainable competitors obsolete and left behind.

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All or parts of many solutions come from specialized suppliers. RISE's hyper-collaboration platform helps every participant find ESG suppliers and partners right away. It displays local vendors on maps, and uses ESG metrics-based lists, so companies can find, connect and improve their ESG solutions rapidly.

Automate the discovery and delivery of new and better solutions

Automate the Discovery, Proof and Delivery of the World's Best Solutions

What are the world's best solutions for your goals? Do you know how to find them, receive them automatically, and how to use them?

RISE automates this continuous discovery, valuation and delivery. We can become a world where the best new ESG solutions are continuously discovered and delivered to everyone.

As better solutions are discovered, these rise to the top as solutions are privately tried, used, saved, re-used and their impact learned. This produces measured results instead of today's disinformation platforms and dark marketing patterns.

The best solutions rise to the top as they are distributed in real-time to fit each person's goals. In this new world everyone can always know and choose the world's best solutions immediately during each need and activity. 

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This real-use process calculates the value of the best new solutions. Since their projected value includes climate change and sustainability, they do not repeat the old problems.

The result is a new way to live. By discovering the best new solutions, humanity's combined abilities are always growing and reaching everyone, on a planet that advances rapidly together. 

As people choose the goals and use the world's best solutions to reach them, we live in an continuously engaged world where "everyone can be the best," move ahead FAST, and know their Results all the time.

Kick-start the RISE ESG Solutions Economy

A New Option: An ESG Personal Solutions Economy that is Led by People

Economy-wide, the Personal Solutions Operating System is a Personal Solutions Economic System

New "VISIBLE Hand of the Market" replaces inequality capitalism

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Capitalist economies still reflect Adam Smith's "INVISIBLE hand of the market" from his 1776 milestone publication, The Wealth of Nations. 

The Expandiverse evolves capitalism to a "people-chosen VISIBLE hand of the market." This creates People-First Capitalism which delivers the world people choose, and drives RISE's new ESG Personal Solutions Economy. 

People-First Capitalism is simple. If a company does not help users reach their goals, the company is digitally invisible. Monopoly companies have high costs because they are built to serve the whole market. If 5%, 15% or 25% of the market leaves them, they are no longer profitable and their market value dies.

Thus, people-first companies win. In addition, people-first employees want to deliver improving lives and societies that include everyone, so this corporate attitude decides both the talent war and market shares.

Goals like health, sustainability, prosperity and inclusion could be visibility requirements for trillions of dollars in transactions. If this makes people-first companies the world's most powerful economic forces, they can also change politics.

Companies that continue destroying the world can be shown only enough data to make them change. Companies that join this people-first economy will know what it takes to sell the best products and grow their market share — while each person's privacy is protected and the surveillance economy ended.

RISE ESG Personal Solutions Economy is quantitative, measured, self-improving

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RISE's life cycle delivers interactive suggestions to users (on the left), and customers (on the right). All user data is private and collected to produce AI analytics, dashboards, reports and AI learning (in the center). 

This drives a free platform of real-time Active Guides that can assist everyone (center). This can be direct or through websites, apps, online services or other "digital partners."

Direct monetizations (on the right) combine with revenues from transactions (on the left). Together, the revenues support the free platform, which drives its capacity to help more people adopt ESG solutions that improve their lives while ending the climate crisis.

As users' act, they produce new private data from their FAST actions and social influences. These data improve the AI's. These are delivered by RISE's platform and Active Guide, so everyone sees the world's best ESG solutions for their goals.

Misinformation is eliminated. RISE delivers quantitative, proven, explainable choices that fit each person's goals.

Since digital reality is constructed, this empowers people to decide their goals privately, with people-first companies delivering FAST and effective solutions for them to Find, Act, Save and Transform their lives — and the world.


Moats Protect this Business from the Climate Killers

Non-sustainable companies will fight back. Protections are needed by people and companies that want to end today's climate crisis economy. Five of these protections include:

  • People Privacy serves the huge numbers that reject the Surveillance Internet, with a new digital layer that will grow personal protections for years to come. 
  • People Control starts with everyone selecting their goals, then receiving superior personal experiences through one-to-one display and delivery of the best available solutions. 
  • People are made Experts by RISE Active Guide and personal solutions displayed throughout the online world. Everyday life is continuously raised to higher levels because everyone can always know the world's best choices to reach their goals in more sustainable ways. 
  • People "System" (SaaS—Software as a Service) transforms many markets by redirecting these businesses to digital solutions that both help people reach their goals, and are sustainable. Ending the climate crisis faster will grow markets and connect people privately with solutions providers. 
  • RISE Easy Engineering revolutionizes how the next digital world will be built, by providing RISE services via API's and Microservices. This grows the "partner revenues" and abilities of businesses, apps, websites and the IoT (Internet of Things) everywhere.
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As climate disasters become more frequent and destructive, more and more people ask, "How can I help? What can I do?"

Everybody Rise's platform grows by inviting people to see and use solutions across all their devices in real-time, and companies and organizations to provide solutions that can be displayed and used.

RISE gives people digital control over their choices. Everyone can act now to improve lives and fix the world. There is no need to wait for governments, politicians, regulations, laws or international organizations.

SUMMARY: SOME PARTS OF THE everybody rise example

Some Major Parts of Everybody Rise Platform from the Personal Solutions Operating System (PS OS)

The U.S. Patent Office classified the Expandiverse patent specification into 31 technology categories — but a list of 31 technologies does NOT describe this invention:

For the first time in history the Everybody RISE platform describes how to build a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone

Expandiverse IP starts a new norm: People choose the goals and a new ESG Personal Solutions Economy delivers their solutions in real-time. This grows ESG companies that take market share by delivering the sustainable products, services and trustworthy businesses people want.

"System Change" Technology

The Expandiverse is a new answer to society's core question: Does the world control you, or do you control the world? 

People-First Control and Privacy

Today's "system" provides the choices. Instead, people choose their goals and the "system" serves them. Marketing evolves from customer-centered to customer-decided

Active Guide

Adds personal solutions to digital activities. Users see "your next best step" and the "short path to your goal". Leads to personal success becoming the norm

Connected ESG Solutions Commerce

Connected commerce grows a sustainable private economy that includes everyone. Makes the non-sustainable economy obsolete.

Real-time ESG Solutions Platform

Transform connected devices into an ESG Solutions Platform that gives each person and company direct abilities to help solve problems like the climate crisis, health and inclusion. Add user-control, goals and ESG solutions to life, business, learning and disasters..

Global Hyper-Collaboration

The platform privately learns "what works best" as people receive solutions and choose which to try, save and re-use. Then the "best solutions" are delivered to everyone so they can Rise, too. New "digital wealth" options are created and delivered to everyone — with visible reporting that can end misinformation

Some parts of RISE's Personal Solutions Platform:

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The U.S. Patent Office classified the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification into 31 technology categories. Expandiverse patent applications use these components for individual patents and for pipeline IP systems that deliver new digital layers like

  • Goals Assembly Layers
  • Privacy and Protection Layers
  • The Real World Generator


End Misinformation with a Quantitative ESG Personal Solutions Economy


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Teleportals: A New Family of Connected Devices

Teleportals are a new family of local, remote, fixed and mobile devices. Virtual teleportals put these interfaces on existing devices, so that billions of connected displays are in the Expandiverse..

These next-level devices and interfaces could be added by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack (Salesforce), Google Chat, Discord, Epic Games, Twitch, Facebook (Meta), Twitter and many more. This service could be added by communications vendors like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodaphone and others.

Today, this Expandiverse layer might grow to replace iOS, Android, Windows, laptops, tablets, phones and smart televisions without waiting a decade for VR and AR glasses to evolve.

We have turned most of the world digital, but we never turned the windows in our walls into digital devices.

  • Imagine walking up to a "digital window" and having a full "digital presence" — life size in other Teleportals — in one or more rooms and places around the world. Each of your "presences" enjoys a "Shared Planetary Life Space," all the online abilities, services and resources you use together with those "in those other places," live and at your collective fingertips.
  • Imagine having several live Teleportals that put each of your Shared Life Spaces "in" several places at once, with the digital "super powers" that fit each place and activity.
  • Imagine flipping your digital Teleportals and Shared Spaces between lots of Teleportals in lots of places. You and others can turn all these Teleportals, connected rooms and shared places into the exciting lives you want, instead of the limited life you have. 

You won't need a headset or virtual reality. You will live, work, learn and play with all of the world's people, places, online services, connected products and global events. Every day will bring a new adventure. 

(Click image to see full size)

Expandiverse IP defines new devices — TELEPORTALS:

What if the windows in your walls were digital devices? We could live in a live digital world, without needing headsets or virtual reality.

The cost? For large real-time screens, TV's are ever cheaper and include processors. They display interactive streaming connections with the Internet. Teleportals make large screens more interactive, beef up their computing and storage, and mount them in windows and on walls and carts at desks and in conference rooms. They add Expandiverse features with the back-end Expandiverse infrastructure, with the Everybody RISE platform, or with another platform.

Virtual Teleportals can be added to billions of existing devices: Our phones, laptops, tablets, smart TVs and wearables can be the inputs and outputs to this Expandiverse Real World Metaverse™. No VR headsets needed and no AR glasses needed (though they can be used as Teleportals).

The result? Expandiverse Teleportals might transform our world into a "digitally present" planet that lives together, everywhere. 

The impact? Many people already spend 90% of their time indoors but physical reality limits them to one room at a time. Teleportals make our Digital Planet into connected lives. The Expandiverse will be more interesting, comfortable and powerful than our limited indoor rooms and our confined physical realities.


Multiply Your Abilities, Achievements and Life All Day Long

Get a new "digital layer" over all your devices

(Click image to see full size)


"Multiple presences" expand your life worldwide

(Click image to see full size)

In the Expandiverse you can grow your life to multiple "presences." Your family, your projects at work, and your interests can have their own "life spaces:"

  • In addition to growing older, you'll grow outward.
  • In addition to life extension, you'll add life expansion.  
  • In addition to one limited life, you can add multiple super powered "presences."

The Expandiverse adds "presences" which are each an always-on Shared Planetary Life Space. You can switch between them to use the always-on people, services, places and super powers that fit each of them. 

In one click you could flip into the "shared life space" that fits what you're doing this minute. It's people, tools and resources are already "on" and live, maximizing your immediate actions and impacts. When you do something different, you flip to its "presence." It's like walking into a new room and everything you need is around you and ready to use.

Each "presence" can also have a dashboard so you know your results, problems, revenues and — with your Active Guide — your "next best steps" so you can improve every minute.

Life is too short. Science will not extend our lifespans in time for us to live a second century, especially if there are billions of people. Instead, we can each expand our lives by multiplying our "presences" and enjoying our "multiple presences" worldwide.


Multiple "Presences" Expand Your Life Worldwide

The Expandiverse adds "presences" which are each an always-on Shared Planetary Life Space. You can switch between them to use the always-on people, services, places and super powers that fit each of them. 

In one click you could flip into the "shared life space" that fits what you're doing this minute. It's people, tools and resources are already "on" and live, maximizing your immediate actions and impacts. When you do something different, you flip to its "presence." It's like walking into a new room and everything you need is around you and ready to use.

Each "presence" can also have a dashboard so you know your results, problems, revenues and — with your Active Guide — your "next best steps" so you can improve every minute.

Life is too short. Science will not extend our lifespans in time for us to live a second century, especially if there are billions of people. Instead, we can each expand our lives by multiplying our "presences" and enjoying our "multiple presences" worldwide.

(Click image to see full size)

In the Expandiverse you can grow your life to multiple "presences." Your family, your projects at work, and your interests can have their own "life spaces:"

  • In addition to growing older, you'll grow outward.
  • In addition to life extension, you'll add life expansion.  
  • In addition to one limited life, you can add multiple super powered "presences."


Expandiverse Privacy and Protections Replace the Surveillance Economy

If your company adds a Metaverse, how will your protect it from tech's surveillance platforms stealing and monetizing your users? When you live digitally, how will you protect yourself?

Expandiverse IP adds SIX new digital privacy  protections and "life expansions"

(Click image to see full size)

Today's surveillance economy tracks and targets you when you do things online — which is most of the time for many people.

Your interests, activities and personal choices belong to everyone but you.

Instead, privacy can be made a personal digital boundary that each person controls. If you would like to live sustainably and eat healthy food, that's the ads and content that your devices deliver. What your devices present, and your use of them, can be private so that it protects you.

In this new "people-first system," private and direct e-consumption replaces surveillance advertising and e-commerce. Users and people-first organizations can share their direct relationships without feeding tech's surveillance platforms.

This can make the Earth a people-led planet and economy that can improve lives and solve the world's problems, and stop tech's platforms from forcing people to live in the obsolete non-sustainable economy.

Expandiverse shows how everyone can add privacy and protections in their lives

(Click image to see full size)

Who owns your life, your actions, your goals and your needs?

The surveillance economy never existed until platforms like Facebook, Google and Amazon created it. They also built large ecosystems to support their surveillance businesses.

This turned the Internet into a system that profiles everyone and pumps raw digital sewage into their lives, which people don't want and wish they could control.

Now the Expandiverse provides new kinds of digital privacy and protections so everyone can retake their lives and live private, connected relationships.

What will life be like when the surveillance platforms cannot monitor, damage and try to direct our lives?

It's time to leave behind the early stage of the Surveillance Internet, and start a new stage: The Private and Protected Internet.


A Real Demonstration Project Shows the Opportunities

New IP, technology, operating system and Metaverse

Demonstration application: ESG Personal Solutions Platform


Who Could Lead a New Stage where Everybody Rises?

Next stage: The private and personal ESG Solutions Economy

(Click image to see full size)

Instead of paying tech giants for surveillance tracking and commerce, companies will deliver solutions to each person privately, to help everyone reach the goals they want. The most successful companies will know many of us privately, and earn our trust by helping us succeed personally. We will receive higher levels of personal success than today, so each of us can become as good as the best in the world.

These new private relationships will raise digital barriers that keep out surveillance platforms and competitors. The people-first companies who lead this direct and private world will constantly advance people to help them reach the goals they choose.

These leading companies will orchestrate new waves of personal, ESG and economic advances. Their business opportunity is to assist billions of people personally, every day, while eliminating the costs and risks from the surveillance platforms. 

How can leaders stay leaders? Lead a successful planet that includes everyone

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It sounds like a "big ask" to replace the world economy. But this is a smaller "ask" than preserving the businesses that destroy it from climate catastrophes. The best outcome is to make this a safe and successful world in ways that preserve many leading companies and the world's wealth.

The Expandiverse does this by empowering every person to choose their goals, empowering businesses to deliver the ESG solutions each person wants, and paying "partner revenues" to online businesses that display and deliver the solutions.

Then these leaders could replace the non-sustainable economy with an ESG Solutions Economy. If our leading companies become people-first businesses, that would be the fastest way to transform the economy. Even Google, Facebook and Amazon could adopt this people-first technology and put people in control quickly — along with other business leaders who want to stay leaders.

When today's leading companies help put people in control, we can change rapidly to the ESG Solution Economy we want and need.


Grow RISE's ESG Solutions Economy: Share New "Partner Revenues" with the Online Digital World

Convert the online digital economy to the ESG Personal Solutions Economy

(Click image to see full size)

Today's economy sells non-sustainable ads and products that grow the climate catastrophe.

Nobody knows how to fix the world, yet so many want to help. "What can I do?" they ask.

What if most parts of the online world could earn "partner revenues" for displaying and delivering ESG personal solutions that fit each person's goals? This can help everyone see and use their personal solutions while making the world more sustainable. 

If the "partner revenues" are large enough, the online world could scale its display and delivery of solutions to billions of solutions each day. Here's how it works:

  • RISE—Orange: RISE's platform delivers the personal ESG Solutions Economy as digital services — this part is a PAAS, or "Platform as a Service."
  • PARTNERS—Green: The online world uses easy engineering to join for free, add RISE solutions and earn "partner revenues" from their display and use.
  • GROWTH SHARING—Blue: Exponential growth empowers every person and online business to advance and share the solutions. The system learns what works privately, so it continuously improves the solutions everyone receives.

When every business can earn more by helping both the world and every person at the same time, the online world helps fix the world by replacing the non-sustainable economy with a new ESG Personal Solutions Economy.

Solve the Internet's Revenue Problem with RISE's "Partners Revenues" Model

(Click image to see full size)

RISE's ESG Personal Solutions Economy adds a new age of Digital Wealth for everyone. Its new ESG "Assembly Layers" help everyone work together by improving their life. When a business joins RISE's core platform delivers its services through them online, through its Active Guide, and more. People use RISE for free and businesses share parts of the ESG Solutions revenues this produces.

RISE's new umbrella layer is added through platform services, with API's and microservices. Every online business, small farmer and blogger can add the partnership they want, to display and deliver personal solutions privately to each online user.

This earns them "partner revenues" that benefit their businesses, apps, websites, online services and more.

As this results in transactions, the revenues are divided: (1)  "partner revenues" go to those who help display and deliver the ESG personal solutions, (2) solution vendors are paid, and (3) some of the revenue pays for RISE's platform and services. Since RISE knows these steps privately, they are measured and gaps are visible. These are continuously improved and delivered as better services for each partner, vendor and user.

Both people and businesses can share the solutions through social media. Everyone can influence others to take control of "the system," choose their own goals and improve their lives — while helping fix the world's problems.

For the first time, everyone can use the humanity's combined abilities. This starts a new age of Digital Wealth that systematically helps grow sustainable physical prosperity — without attacking elites or governments.

Everyone can RISE by using "GO FAST" ESG personal solutions during their digital steps.


Replace the Non-Sustainable Economy: Turn it into the ESG Personal Solutions Economy

Use proven business models to deliver RISE's new ESG Solutions Economy

(Click image to see full size)

Much of today’s Internet revenues are sucked up by Amazon, Google and Facebook. Inequality is everywhere. Both businesses and people struggle to survive on what's left, while the giant platforms figure out how to take most of the wealth for themselves.

Instead, one of RISE's monetizations is a Partners Revenue model. With this, everyone can receive a partner’s share by adding RISE and helping solve the world's big problems like climate change, health and inequality.

RISE's Partner Revenues model (right column): Users choose their goals and see their personal “digital environment” privately. Personalized ESG Solutions are overlaid on websites, apps and online services. Surveillance ads, content and products are replaced with each user’s chosen goals and sustainable solutions.

System change: "Partner Revenues" are earned by dynamically replacing the non-sustainable economy and delivering the personal and private ESG Solutions that fit each person's goals. Users gain direct, live connections with solutions that fit their goals. Digital Partners earn a new revenue source by helping improve the world for every person.

Digital replacements (fix the left with the right): On the left, non-sustainable digital ads and e-commerce each generate hundreds of $billions of dollars per year. RISE replaces and shares this with each partner website, app, online service and sustainable vendor. Everyone can help fix the world, both as an individual and a business.

Incentivize capitalism: Solve the Internet's revenue problem by fixing the world

(Click image to see full size)

RISE's ESG Solutions Economy adds its new "Assembly Layers" above the Internet, so everyone can work together:

  • Orange top layer — new ESG partners: Everything digital can add RISE ESG Solutions and earn "Partner Revenues" from the transactions produced. The whole digital world can rapidly become solution providers, and solution earners.
  • Green, at left middle — ESG suppliers: ESG Solutions can be rapidly added to the platform, to be delivered where and when needed by each person.
  • Blue, at right middle — each person: Everyone is helped personally and privately. Displaying and delivering this increases the "partner revenues" of everything online. We all win by growing a new ESG Solutions Economy. 
  • Light blue layer at the bottom — Everybody RISE platform: This new digital dance is orchestrated by the RISE platform. 

This new Internet business model helps every person rise to the top, take control, set their goals, then see and act on the world's best ESG Solutions that fit them personally.

These displays and transactions earn new "Partner Revenues" that help everything digital earn more by helping every person run an improving world.


Monetization Fits the User Engagement Life Cycle for the ESG Personal Solutions Economy

What is the digital on-ramp for millions of local businesses and farmers to add and grow their online presences, commerce and revenues? By providing the steps as scalable services, RISE enables local digital commerce to begin and grow everywhere.

Local businesses can build and profit from Everybody RISE's digital infrastructure. Parts of this are delivered directly, parts are delivered through online partners, and parts are implemented locally through local partners' services.

Together, this produces a simple and easy to use ESG Solutions Platform that supports local businesses. They can add and deliver this everywhere in their local communities. 

For example, a local support service can onboard local businesses, set them up on Everybody RISE's platform, train them in bootcamps and help them manage their online businesses. They can also run local workshops for consumers to improve their lives by switching to the world's best ESG Solutions and using local businesses to see and deliver them. RISE partner revenues help support them, helping keep their prices low and affordable.

Local communities could rapidly add and grow their local ESG Solution Economies. Dashboards could report the growth of local prosperity by local people, local businesses and local communities. The economic advances can be as models for nearby communities to join and grow sustainably too.

(Click image to see full size)

The RISE platform helps local businesses see the success of ESG solution displays and deliveries, and how they help local people reach their personal goals, and their local communities RISE.

This platform enables local business owners to:

  • Know current measures of local progress, and local gaps, as their local community works to reach its people's goals
  • Discover and deliver the best solutions so their businesses help their customers reach their goals more effectively
  • Collaborate on delivering solutions efficiently, learning from others' solutions and improving their local versions

With this, local businesses can find customers digitally, serve them personally in real-time and grow always-on private relationships that improve local lives while building their local communities.

Local businesses that deliver ESG Personal Solutions can become the most successful and help the most people.


Everyone in Disasters can Take Control, Set Their Goals and Help Fix the World

As climate disasters grow, more people will want to help 

(Click image to see full size)

Disasters force people to respond. Each large climate disaster could trigger millions damaged to "Click to Lead" and help end the non-sustainable economy sooner. Other "Click to Lead" events could be health crises like Covid-19 and economic crises like inequality.

Users click to lead by choosing their goals. Companies that want to stay visible to them will fit their goals. When they do, these companies gain real-time, direct consumer relationships. They can deliver the real-time solutions and solutions their customers choose.

People and companies will evolve together to and deliver the healthy, prosperous and sustainable lives people choose.

Every person can spread their disaster successes to others, helping more people

(Click image to see full size)

The real problem is we've entered an age of disasters. Unfortunately today, recovering from a disaster rebuilds old problems, which grows the climate crisis.

Instead, recover by adding advances that transform disasters into improvements in the lives of people.

People can spread this by sharing solutions. As people respond they Click to Lead. Companies and organizations that serve them gain deep direct connections to the people in need, and grow their direct and personal connections throughout their communities and countries where they add assistance.

Together, they can grow the ESG Personal Solutions Economy.


RISE Turns Disasters and Recoveries into a Global System to Transform Lives Everywhere

Accelerate local responses to parallel disasters

(Click image to see full size)

Throughout the global South all these places suffer the same 7 kinds of disasters, according to ThinkHazard.org.

Before these disasters strike, the solutions and preventions on the right can be pre-prepared, proven and locally customized. Each solution combines global expertise and resources with local design, local experts and local cultural adaptations.

Soon they could work together to improve this global service and localize their recoveries.

Global example: Turn Covid into a system change model

(Click image to see full size)

Each kind of disaster can add large numbers of new people who can join RISE quickly. The Covid-19 pandemic is an example.

The world will need to vaccinate billions of people for years to come. Personal safety guides with vaccination scheduling can connect millions of users to this gateway app.

The app also empowers people to set health goals and bridge to set more goals and solve other needs like energy, food, water, shelter, transportation and much more.

Strategic Change Model for frequent disaster recoveries

(Click image to see full size)

Why are disasters different? Because large, positive changes can be made during recoveries. RISE's "Disaster Services Theory of Change" has three stages:

  1. When a disaster occurs: Preserve and help immediately. Connecting people and services for real-time guidance and assistance.
  2. Recover and make advances: Deliver portfolios of improvements that help people and communities reach a new stage of improvements.
  3. Envision and prepare: Design, test, develop and prove new advances. Grow the solution portfolios for next recoveries.


Program: RISE Active Learning Makes Local Improvements

Educate students to lead a planet good at adapting to damaging local climate changes, with a new generation of local leaders who are good at improving local lives everywhere

Students learn by doing a class project that makes a local improvement

(Click image to see full size)

Today's middle school students will graduate high school by 2030 and help lead their local communities until about 2070 when they retire.

RISE Active Learning Projects could give hundreds of thousands of classrooms a new free education curriculum based on developing a local improvement project. Students learn by identifying and researching a local need, designing a measurable improvement for it, then developing it with and for the people in their community.

They also share their project with similar projects and experts online. This prepares them to collaborate digitally by learning from others and contributing their advances. Proven solutions become models that can be added to the curriculum and applied in thousands of communities worldwide by other student projects.

Successful projects can be grown for years, anchoring both the improvement and the new leaders in their communities. 

This educates a new generation of experienced and connected leaders worldwide, ready to work locally, collaborate online and become the capable leaders of a world of constant disasters. 

Empower teachers, improve world education and grow a generation of local leaders

(Click image to see full size)

Two agriculture examples are eco-restorations with mini-forests and pollinator plants on the land around fields. These capture carbon, improve soil, retain water and support local food and water security. 

Of the world's 570 million farms, 90% are run by an individual or family. These small farms produce about 80% of the world's food. RISE Active Learning projects could help a few local farmers the first year, then use their locally proven results to help more farmers each year. 

These projects could also add their local improvements to large eco-restorations like the sub-Sahara's 8,000km Great Green Wall, and the Amazon's 570,000 hectares Trinational Biodiversity Corridor.

The teacher's view (left) shows the student progress in a mini-forests project that lasts for years. Live satellite views show current agro-forests locations, sizes and growth. Metrics are from online sources. Lesson plans are at the bottom center. Student contacts are at the bottom right, enabling protected teams and student-teacher collaboration.

RISE's global online education system (right) aggregates metrics from parallel local projects in an area like agro-forestry. This dashboard reports the area's measured contribution at every level from villages to regions, countries and the world.

Students worldwide could do hundreds of thousands of local projects per year, educating a generation ready to tackle local needs in food, water, energy, health and safety. As local projects connect online, students grow skilled at working together worldwide to find the best solutions and deliver them everywhere.


Share Solutions Online so Others Improve their Lives and Fix the World 

"System change" is what happens when people take control by setting their goals and seeing humanity's best solutions in real-time. Then they can try the ones they want, see their progress and share what works best.

Could people take billions of positive steps every day, then share what's best so others can join? The potential solutions on the right of this slide include water (2 solutions), health (2 solutions), nature and food. 

By flooding the world with proven solutions, people could increase the achievements of many others, and perhaps the world, to transformative speed and results.

This starts small like any startup, delivers proof of concepts and scalable prototypes, then launches each component as it gains traction. It grows through digital blitz scaling to raise each person. Billions of people can take advantage of digital exponential growth, not just the giant corporations.

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A 2-Year Work Plan and a 10-Year Growth Plan

Tech's giant platforms began as startups then scaled as they grew.

Here is Everybody RISE's 2-Year Work Plan and 10-Year Growth Plan. This starts by designing and user testing proofs of concept, and prototypes. This develops and proves the fit with users and markets. This can then be scaled digitally so it can grow for years and decades.

The result is the "Great RISE," which might reach over 1 billion uses per day. With the Internet, the time to a billion users fell to 6 to 12 years. As this RISE matures, the time to add a new solution and scale it to a billion users may shrink to 6 to 12 months.

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If this were your digital platform, you could plan and develop your market fit at this platform's scale. With the Internet, the time to a billion users shrinks to 6 to 12 years. Since this is a platform with continuous user connections, once it reaches a billion users the time to add a new solution and scale it to a billion users may shrink to 6 to 12 months.


Next Stage: Everybody RISE to Prosperity

Our biggest problem is we can't fix the world's big problems. They're too big for governments, corporations, NGO's, philanthropies and international organizations. 

The real value of innovation is to solve the big problems, and take humanity to its next stage.

With the Expandiverse, a Real World Metaverse™ is possible. This new kind of digital world gives every person digital control, Digital Wealth and their personal ESG solutions to improve both lives and the world. 

When our many solutions and abilities flow to each person to enable their goals, everyone can take the "next best steps" they want, all day long.

This new way to take society's pyramid and flip it is named "The Great Rise."

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System Change Model: When People Rise They can Make It a Positive "System"

How do we get from today's world to a world we want? This table shows how we can "change the system" by 2025, and scale an evolving system by 2030.

Each row is a large group in society or the economy.

Each column is that group's timeline for transformation: Today's pain points, new thinking, 2-3 year platform growth, and 5-10 year system change.

This System Change produces new people-first leaders and winners across corporations, investors, NGO's, governments and people. This makes it clear how Everybody RISEs when the Expandiverse's "people-first system" begins.  

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Everybody RISE Team / Competitors

Some of Everybody RISE's Team

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RISE is growing a power team to start an ESG Personal Solutions platform.

Everybody RISE grows by relying on experts. This new kind of people-first platform develops and leads an ESG Solutions Economy that increases health, prosperity and sustainability with ways to include everyone. Its founder’s Expandiverse Technology has been cited 1,628 times.

Some of its experts include PCI Media in culture change communications, J2C Enterprise in IT development, Ruckus Innovation in continuous innovation, and Liquidax Capital in planning and managing emerging large ESG markets. Click the Team slide for more information.

Some of Everybody RISE's Competition

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While climate disasters explode everywhere, expect most senior executives to use delays and greenwashing while they fail to make their businesses sustainable. 

These Captains of Industry will continue steering their Titanic companies toward climate change's icebergs. They will grow wealthy as they sink the world. 

Don't expect most of today's Captains to change course. Don't listen to the greenwashing that makes Greta Thunberg say, "No more blah, blah, blah.". Their destination is a Titanic collision with climate icebergs. Survival is not assured.

Expect these Captains to say great words and make nice speeches while they continue selling destructive products, disastrous results and delays of new solutions and technologies.

Instead, each person will need to take control and steer their life in the directions that improve themself and the world.


The Coming Online-First world: A Personal Solutions Planet

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By 2025 to 2030 we could each receive humanity's combined guidance, abilities and digital resources every minute. We will start a historic stage where we can all improve our lives all day, every day. 

Continuous improvement by everyone will make Online-First Life and Business much more powerful than physical reality. We will live on an online-first planet, with personal global online super powers that never existed before.


Our waking hours increasingly shifted online during these two decades:

  • 2001: 6% of our waking hours were spent online at the peak of the first Internet boom
  • 2008: 18% of our waking hours were spent online as the iPhone began
  • 2016: 37% of our waking hours were spent online as mobile and social became the norm

2020: The Pandemic Shift to Online-First

The Covid-19 lockdown changed the world to Online-First. Within weeks work, life, school, shopping and entertainment were fully online. The three biggest lessons were:

  • Giant advances can happen quickly
  • Organizations and people are able to change overnight
  • The corporate leaders and losers are decided by these changes. 

The biggest competitive advantage was to see the online-first future coming, and develop those innovations and prepare. The rapid shift propelled new leaders to the top.

2024+: The Satellite-Enabled Internet

The 2020's will see the rise of the Satellite-Enabled Internet. When 7 billion people are connected, we will become an Online-First Planet: 

  • A Personal Solutions Economy will begin, and every person's life will improve faster than ever before.
  • Companies that are not online-first will risk extinction.
  • The leaders that deliver real-time solutions will add always-on connections that are personal and deep, and assist people all day long.

2025 to 2030+: The Solutions Economy

Huge digital transformations have become normal every decade. Those alive in 1980 were born in a physical-only world with only a physical reality. Then each decade transformed the world more:

  • The 1980's added PC's (Personal Computers)
  • The 1990's added the Internet and e-commerce
  • The '00's added smart phones and grew giant platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon
  • The 2010's added mobility, social media and surveillance
  • The 2020's will add personal solutions that flow to each person based on what they do each minute. Billions of people will improve their lives continuously, all day long. 

Welcome to 2030. A people-first world will change how everyone lives and how the "system" works. Empowered people decide their goals, and a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable digital "system" serves each of them personally. Everyone can use solutions that transform their lives and the world more every day.


The Expandiverse Experience: Everybody RISE

Only Expandiverse Technology is people-first, designed for world changes and puts people above tech's giant platforms and monopolistic corporations. Welcome to the Expandiverse, where people Rise to lead the world.

An Expandiverse-based platform, named Everybody Rise, could digitally grow to billions of uses every day. It could display and deliver personal ESG solutions online, increase the daily achievements of each person, and raise the world's digital acceleration to transformative levels.

Everybody RISE starts small like any startup, delivers proof of concepts and scalable prototypes, then launches its components as they gain traction. It grows through digital blitz scaling to raise each person, and the world.

Billions of people can receive and use humanity's "next best steps." Digital wealth and exponential growth are for everyone in the Expandiverse, not just for tech's giant corporations.

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The Expandiverse Vision: Start the ESG Personal Solutions Stage of History

Our problems are now too big for governments, corporations, international organizations and philanthropies. Yet we need to reach a new stage where the world solves its overwhelming problems, and prevents catastrophes and conflicts.

A new option is Everybody RISE's "system change" platform. This grows an ESG Personal Solutions Economy where everyone can help solve our biggest problems — and do it in years instead of generations.

Can we start reaching the goal of the the 21st Century by 2025, and scale it by 2030? It is time to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

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What do You do if You are an Executive with Interest, Budget and Authority — Or an Editor who wants an Article or Series?

For assistance get in touch with the inventor. For Expandiverse IP, get in touch with Liquidax

For assistance, contact Dan Abelow, the inventor and founder

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Everybody RISE is a new kind of platform to become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

Expandiverse is new IP and services for a Real World Metaverse™ that raises each person to the top so everyone can improve their life, and together decide the world.

For Expandiverse IP, contact Liquidax for licensing, partnering and acquisition 

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Liquidax Capital works ahead of the change. It represents Expandiverse Technology for licensing, partnering and acquisition.

Liquidax is a private equity based IP asset management firm that focuses on large emerging markets.

To help your Digital Acceleration, we provide services, IP, technology, a new operating system and a Real World Metaverse™. If you are an executive with interest, budget and authority, get in touch:

What do First Movers and Fast Followers get?

Those who decide to lead a positive future today may become leaders for decades to come.