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A new direction: Everyone to the top

How can we build a healthy, prosperous and sustainable world that includes everyone?

The People-First Expandiverse is a new kind of "system change technology" that raises everyone to the top

Problem, Challenge, Solution

Problem:  We have never experienced a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. We have never known how to build this.
Challenge: The climate crisis will force us to develop this by about 2023, then scale it worldwide by 2030. How can we transform in years, not generations?
Solution: The real value of innovation is to solve our biggest problems, and to advance humanity to its next stages. This new Expandiverse Technology has already been cited 1,628 times.

Dan Abelow .
Inventor, Expandiverse Technology
Founder, Everybody Rise Platform


Mission: Raise People, Communities and the World

Expandiverse Technology was created to improve billions of lives in years, rather than generations. The People-First Expandiverse is a new kind of "system change technology" that raises everyone to the top. This new technology has already been cited over 1,600 times.

Is this a realistic goal? In the 1960's, the "Space Race" changed the world. In less than 10 years an American walked on the moon. New technologies were created to accomplish this, and they led the world for decades.

In the 2020's we need a Big Rise to change the world again. In less than 10 years we can start a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. The people and organizations that help adopt and grow this could lead the world for decades.

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Would you like to discuss how you can help flip society's pyramid without attacking elites or governments?. Can we start a "Big Rise" that includes everyone? The first movers and fast followers who decide to lead this kind of future may lead for decades to come.


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Some Leaders' Citations of Expandiverse Technology

27 Patent Citations by

35 Patent Citations by

113 Patent Citations by


Citations by Experts Who Know Cutting-Edge Technology

U.S. Patent Examiners' Most Cited IP in 2017

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The U.S. Patent Office is where new technology is judged and certified as a real invention. Patent examiners cite the technology that is first, to prevent applicants from re-patenting an existing invention. In 2017, Expandiverse IP was cited by U.S. patent examiners more than any other when they reviewed new patent applications. Why? A lot of patent applicants want what the Expandiverse was first to create.

Tech's Leaders cite this repeatedly

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What does big tech's R&D do? They invest billions to create and patent the technologies they will need to lead tomorrow's digital economy. When they cite technology that's in their bullseye, they cite Expandiverse IP (Intellectual Property) again and again.

The average patent is cited just 3 to 6 times. Out of every million patents, only 100 patents are cited more than 100 times. The Expandiverse is already 16X larger than that elite group.


Why is Expandiverse IP cited so often?

Can every person and business be moved to the top? Imagine a rapid leap upward: You and everyone rise toward the top on an Online-First World. Humanity's combined digital abilities and resources are at your fingertips. You set your goals then receive active guidance instantly during online steps, succeeding rapidly at full speed, all day long. Your life keeps improving in the ways you choose.

In this new world, you and everybody become the leaders who help solve the climate crisis, health, inequality and social justice.

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With the Expandiverse, people choose the goals. Then they receive real-time solutions that help them succeed. This private assistance replaces tech's surveillance platforms for search, advertising and shopping. Everyone is served personally, in an online-first world where being connected makes everyone as good as the best in the world.


Next IP Steps: Valuation and Divisionals

Independent, expert valuation

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How much is this worth? Fortunately, experts have valued this IP. The cost-benefits relationships are remarkable.

Divisionals: A patent family and IP portfolio

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Some areas of technology are more important to you than others. Here's what the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification includes, so you can build the patent family that fits your goals. We're glad to help with your IP roadmap, Expandiverse patent filings and IP asset management.


The future is more advanced than you know

To be better and faster, don't waste time. It takes time to grow your innovations, so that makes now the time when you choose your future in the mid- and late-2020's.

We help you learn, develop and lead. We listen well, are easy to work with, and valuable. 

Let's start by making you better and faster right away:  Where do you want to go, and when do you want to get there?

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About the Inventor

The Expandiverse is Dan Abelow's latest IP. His lifetime inventions have been cited over 4,100 times, and been licensed by over 550 companies. Dan holds degrees from Harvard and the Wharton School.

After he sold his previous patent portfolio Abelow had to decide whether to retire, or bet it all on a decades-long project to solve humanity's biggest challenges. 

Abelow self-funded and privately created new Expandiverse "system change technology." This is a new kind of innovation that corporate R&D and profit-first investors did not fund while he created this and started filing for patents.

Now, of course, we know we have a broken "system" because it causes the climate crisis, failed at preparing for the Covid-19 pandemic, and continues problems like inequality, global chronic diseases, discrimination and social injustice. As we face big challenges, Dan's mission is to create and grow new ways to fix our "system" before it breaks us.

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Disclosure: Dan Abelow has never sued anyone for patent infringement, but his name was connected to some patent infringement lawsuits filed by others. Abelow sold his previous patent portfolio in 2004 to an Intellectual Ventures company who licensed many leading companies. Intellectual Ventures divested these patents to Webvention and Lodsys who used their patent ownership to license companies, and they sued some companies for patent infringement. Their lawsuits named the "Abelow patents" that they owned, and they filed the lawsuits. Dan Abelow is a tech creator who has never sued anyone for patent infringement.


Proven: Commercially Useful and Valuable Creator

Previous patents were licensed by over 550 companies

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Many of these licensees are tech's leading companies, and others are some of the world's best known brands.

In 2004 Abelow sold his entire patent portfolio to an Intellectual Ventures company. They licensed many leading companies. Then in 2009, Intellectual Ventures divested this portfolio to Webvention and Lodsys, who licensed more companies. In total, over 550 companies licensed patents from this portfolio. 

Abelow has never sued anyone for patent infringement. Later owners of Abelow's previous patents used them, as their patents, to file patent infringement lawsuits.

An example previous patent licensed by over 200 companies

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Are Abelow's inventions broadly useful? Here is an invention you use all day long in many parts of your life.

You constantly use 1-on-1 communications in personal alerts and messages through your phone, apps, smart speakers, computers and smart devices (IoT, Internet of Things devices).

Abelow invented the first patent and IP family that described these 2-way personal interactions during the use of products and services. These Abelow patents have been licensed over 200 times and cited more than 2,000 times.


Resources to Grow the Expandiverse's People-First World

Public Resources

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Business Resources

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Technical Resources

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This is a journey. A lot has been done. More is being added. Welcome aboard.



Operating Systems (OS) Change How the World Works: Here is the PERSONAL SOLUTIONS Operating System (PS OS)

Our first OS controlled our personal computers. Then the OS controlled our phones. But now that we're a digital-physical planet, the next OS gives us the personal solutions we choose

With this new OS, empowered people will solve the world's problems

Personal COMPUTER Operating System

Microsoft's best acquisition ever was buying QDOS for $50K*. Microsoft licensed it to IBM and other PC vendors for the Personal Computer's operating system. This purchase was the cash cow that enabled Microsoft to grow into the beating heart of most of the world's personal computers.

Personal PHONE Operating System

Google's best acquisition ever was Android, when it bought this startup for $50 million*. Google gave the Android OS to the world's smart phone vendors for free so long as they used Google's services. Because Android is on over 80% of the world's smart phones, Google's services are used by billions of people worldwide, every day.


The Expandiverse delivers a PERSONAL SOLUTIONS Operating System* to change today's "system" from user-centered to user-controlled. With a PS OS every person is empowered to make this a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone. RISE's PS OS changes the world so that people choose their goals and can achieve them.

* Components specified in Expandiverse Technology, with 1,628 patent citations.

What Does It Do?

Henry Ford's Assembly Line Transformed the Economy:
Now Expandiverse Assembly Layers may Transform the Planet

People, companies and societies have big goals they can't reach today. How will we change that?

Ford's Assembly Line changed society: Can Assembly Layers empower everyone to change their lives and the world?

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In 1914 Henry Ford's new Assembly Line founded mass production, created the middle class and changed society. It transformed products, consumption, working conditions and economic competition.

A new Expandiverse Assembly Layer empowers everyone to receive digital exponential growth with the "FAST Results" User Experience (FAST is Find, Act, Save, Transform). This continuous engagement model includes:

  • (1) Find: Choose your goals so the world's best solutions are brought to you as you do things throughout the day
  • (2) Act: Take digital control to force the world to help you reach your goals
  • (2) Act: Use the Active Guide to see sustainable solutions that enable your goals, try the ones you like, use the Active Guide to succeed
  • (4) Save: Save the solutions you want to re-use
  • (5, 6) Transform: Use your saved solutions as faster, more direct and sustainable ways to succeed every day
  • (7) Results: Measures like % achieved show your improvements as you Rise above your gaps. Make visible progress as you and the world Rise together
  • (8) Change the world: FAST Results switch your digital world to a people-first system: You choose your goals and take control, and "the system" helps you succeed

How does the Expandiverse automate finding, proving and delivering the world's best solutions?

(Click image to see full size)

What are the world's best solutions for your goals? Do you know how to find them, receive them automatically, and how to use them?

Now this kind of continuous discovery, valuation and delivery can be automated, to produce a world where the best solutions are continuously discovered and delivered to each person.

As better solutions are discovered, these rise to the top as solutions are privately tried, used, saved, re-used and their impact learned.

The best solutions are distributed in real-time to fit each person's goals. In this new world everyone can always know and choose the world's best solutions immediately during each need and activity. 

The solutions are ranked quantitatively by in-use metrics, so real results are clear. Everyone can bypass today's dark marketing patterns and disinformation platforms.

Since the value of solutions includes climate change and sustainability, everyone can help solve the climate crisis as a normal part of choosing their goals and reaching them.

The result is a new way to live. People choose the goals and can always use the world's best solutions to reach them. Each person's progress, gaps and impacts are visible to them.

This builds a continuously engaged world where "everyone can be the best," a world where everyone can be FAST and know their Results all the time.


Some Major Parts of The Expandiverse that Combine into Its Personal Solutions Operating System (PS OS)

The U.S. Patent Office divided this IP (Intellectual Property) into 31 technology categories — but that doesn't describe this invention.
"System Change" Technology

The Expandiverse is a new answer to society's core question: Does the world control you, or do you control the world?

People-First Control and Privacy

Today's "system" provides the choices. Instead, people choose their goals and the "system" serves them. Marketing evolves from customer-centered to customer-controlled

Active Guide

Adds personal solutions to digital activities. Users see "your next best step" and the "short path to your goal". Make personal success the norm

Connected ESG Solutions Economy

Connected commerce grows a sustainable economy and planet that includes everyone. Make the non-sustainable economy obsolete.

Real-time ESG Solutions Platform

Transform digital devices into an ESG Solutions Platform that gives each person and company live presences with direct abilities "in" multiple places, "with" multiple people. Add user-controlled goals and ESG solutions to life, business, learning and disasters..

Global Hyper-Collaboration

The system privately learns "what's best" as people receive solutions and choose which to try, save and re-use. Then the "best solutions" are delivered to everyone so they can Rise, too.

Some parts of the Expandiverse's OS
(Click image to see full size)

The U.S. Patent Office classified the 1,400 page Expandiverse specification into 31 technology categories. Now its patent applications use these parts for both individual patents and pipeline IP systems that deliver new digital layers like the Personal Solutions Operating System (PS OS).

What Does It Do?

Start and Grow:  ESG Personal Solutions Economy

The next business leaders will deliver billions of Personal Solutions to people worldwide

(Click image to see full size)

When people are empowered, their choices will change the "system" to people-first. Many more will add sustainability, health, prosperity, privacy and inclusion, and see their progress as they rise.

Companies still make the products, sell them, earn the profits and increase their shareholder values. But people choose their goals and companies help them succeed. The Expandiverse calls this People-First Capitalism.

Active Guides deliver your solutions when and where you need them

(Click image to see full size)

Automations will turn into hyper-automation when they add AI (Artificial Intelligence) and privacy. Then people can use personal solutions to reach goals like sustainability, health and personal advances.

When "your next best step" solutions flow to you throughout the day, you can advance during each step. Both you and the companies that serve you can reach new levels in years instead of generations.

What Does It Do?

Global Hyper-Collaboration Drives the "Big RISE"

Could everyone become as good as the best in the world? And become that great today, without classrooms, education systems or degrees?

As Active Guides* deliver suggestions, user results are collected privately. They learn from what people do, including what works and what doesn't work. This produce anonymous analytics and reporting on the world's progress toward the goals people choose and try to achieve. 

The systems learn, and they add continuous improvements to the Active Guides. People always receive the world's best known answers as "your next best step" and the "short path to your goal." These assist users who may be people, employees, businesses, consumers, NGO's or philanthropies.

Everyone chooses their goals and receives their personal solutions. When the system learns people do better. No education system needed.

* In Expandiverse IP, "Active Knowledge" is the term used for Active Guides. This differs from today's "static knowledge" which requires education, degrees and experts. Active Knowledge emerges from behavior, is continuously discovered and improved, and is dynamically delivered to improve people's real-time choices and results. Its potential contribution is a "system" where every person receives the world's best choices so they can use them throughout the day, making this a planet that can advance at the speed of humanity's combined and growing abilities.
(Click image to see full size)

This could grow real-time learning that assists more people every day than classrooms, online courses and schools. As you do things digitally, an Active Guide is like GPS that delivers directions. You receive "your next best step" and the "short path to your goal." Humanity's best known choices are always in everyone's hand. You and everyone can always know the world's "next best step" to succeed.

What Does It Do?

Control and Privacy Raise People to the Top

An example: Millions more can take control at each new environmental disaster

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Climate crisis disasters are growing into a blizzard of wildfires, heat waves, droughts, pandemic outbreaks, extreme storms, electric grid failures and unexpected floods. 

By taking digital control, people can change how the digital economy responds. Which destructive companies will they digitally replace? Which goals do they want grown and which ended? Will they tell the replaced companies or not, forcing them to guess how private people leave them behind?

For example, millions or even billions could digitally replace fossil fuels with renewables (such as digitally replacing the 100 companies that are the source of over 70% of the carbon emissions since 1988). For one of these fossil fuel companies to appear digitally, it will need to change, fit people's goals and help rebuild the planet.

People add a Digital Environment that they control

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Tech's surveillance platforms deliver ads and content that sell non-sustainable products. This grows an economy that is ruining the Earth. Their "system" tells everyone the choices, even when scientists tell us many choices are harmful today, and could wreck our children's lives.

Instead, people-first control lets users decide their goals — like sustainability, health, prosperity and economic inclusion. This user-controlled digital environment spans a user's connected devices. Each person sees choices, ads and content based on the goals they want — and deletes or replaces the choices they don't want.

This new Solutions Economy serves each person privately and personally. Their digital relationships are with the companies that deliver the choices and solutions they want, so each person lives in the world they choose.


Private E-Consumption Replaces Surveillance E-Commerce

This grows a sustainable economy because only more sustainable solutions are provided.

Commerce 2025

  • Replace surveillance search, advertising, shopping, support and upgrades. 
  • Deliver solutions that help each person reach the goals they set, when and where they need it.
  • Sales are made by serving each person meaningfully in always-on private customer-vendor relationships.

Economy 2025

  • Deliver solutions in a personal digital layer in real-time, to fit what each person is doing.
  • This produces "live supply chains": Live demand, real-time business operations and personal deliveries.
  • The result is a new sync'ing between people's needs, their rapid improvements, and the world's supply chains making and delivering what people really need.
  • The leading companies orchestrate a new wave of personal and economic advances worldwide, benefitting billions of people every day.

Life 2025

  • Personal solutions guide each person privately to reach their goals in the ways they want.
  • Scale solution journeys to billions who are improving their lives in real-time.

Leaders 2025

  • Trusted companies know each person’s goals and deliver solutions personally and privately.
  • Losing companies focus on their products and don't empower every person.
  • Leaders gain deep, meaningful and private relationships with each consumer. They raise high digital barriers that keep out competitors and surveillance platforms.
(Click image to see full size)

Instead of surveillance searches and shopping, solutions will flow to us privately, based on the goals we each set. The most successful companies will know each of us privately, and help us succeed personally. We will receive the highest levels of personal success every minute, making each of us as good as the best in the world. These new private relationships will raise digital barriers that keep out competitors and surveillance platforms. These people-first companies will lead a new world of constantly advancing people who can reach the goals they choose.

What Does It Do?

Privacy Replaces the Surveillance Economy

Today's surveillance economy tracks and targets you when you do things online. Your interests, activities and private world belong to everyone but you.

Instead, privacy can be made a personal digital boundary that each person controls. If you would like to live sustainably and eat healthy food, that's the ads and content that your devices deliver. What your devices present, and your use of them, can be private.

In this new era, private e-consumption replaces surveillance advertising and e-commerce. Users and social good organizations can share their boundaries with a post, and others can add them with a few quick clicks. That can make this a people-led planet and economy.

(Click image to see full size)

What Does It Do?

Teleportals: A New Family of Connected Devices

What is the next interface that can now be added by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack (Salesforce), Google Chat and Discord?

What device might eclipse iOS, Android, Windows, laptops, tablets, phones and smart televisions?

What service could be added by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Vodaphone and other communications vendors?

We have turned most of the world digital, but we never turned windows into digital devices.

  • Imagine walking up to a "digital window" and having a full "digital presence" — in other digital windows — in a room or place around the world, with all of the online services and resources you use together with those "there," live and at your fingertips.
  • Imagine having several windows that put your presences "in" several places at once, with the right digital "super powers" that fit each place and activity.
  • Imagine flipping your digital window between digital windows in lots of places, so you and others can turn all these windows, rooms and places into “shared planetary life spaces."

You won't need a headset or virtual reality to work, live, learn and play with all of the world's people, online tools, services and resources. 

(Click image to see full size)

What if the windows in your walls were digital devices? We could live in a live digital world, without needing headsets or virtual reality.

The cost? Smart TV's are ever cheaper, include processors and display streams from the Internet. Teleportals make these large screens interactive, beef up their computing and storage, mount them in windows and walls, and add Expandiverse features with the back-end Expandiverse cloud. Teleportals might use familiar technologies to transform this into a "digitally present" world that lives together, everywhere. 

The result? Digital reality will be more powerful than physical reality.

What Does It Do?

Multiple "Presences" Expand Your Life Worldwide

Think of your roles and interests each becoming a "presence" — like family, work, life and entertainment. Each of your "presences" has its online "shared life space" with specific people, online services, places and resources.

In one day you could flip between your presences. In one click you could flip into the "shared life space" that fits what you're doing, with everything "on" and connected. When you change what you do, you can flip to that "presence". It's like walking into a new room with everything you need around you and ready to use.

Life is too short. Science will not extend our lifespans in time for us, especially for billions of people. Instead, we can each expand our lives by multiplying our abilities and "presences" worldwide.

(Click image to see full size)

In the future you can grow your life to multiple worldwide "presences." Your family, each of your projects at work, and your interests can have its own "life space."

In addition to growing up, you'll grow out. In addition to life extension, you'll add life expansion.

What Does It Do?

See the Results: Switch from Not Knowing to In Control

Here's where you control your part of the "system." Knowledge is power, and you become powerful when you can clearly see your goals, actions, results and gaps.

Now you can act decisively: Choose your goals, try the best solutions, act on them, and save "your solutions" to transform your life with immediate re-uses of what helps you succeed the best.

These are continuous engagement opportunities that improve your life and transform "the system." You control the world by making your life better, instead of the world controlling you.

(Click image to see full size)

Today's system tells you your choices. If you want to live sustainably, it forces you to choose from the the non-sustainable ads, products and services it sells. Your needs are ignored and you have little power or influence.

The Expandiverse gives you a new answer to life's most important question: Does technology control you, or do you control technology?

What Does It Do?

Who Leads the ESG Solutions Economy and Transforms Billions?

We don't need a new platform to replace today's economy. We just need to empower today's people to control the system, and enable organizations to deliver their choices personally to help each person reach their goals.

This can replace the economy's leading companies with people-first companies. If today's leaders switch, that's the fastest way to transform the economy. Even Google, Facebook and Amazon could adopt this people-first technology and put people in control. Or tech's platforms can be replaced with people-first companies eager to take their revenues.

The new leaders help answer society's core question: Does the world control people, or do people control the world? When people control, we can change immediately to the ESG Solution Economy we want and need.

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A 2-Year Work Plan and a 10-Year Growth Plan

This starts when you add the Expandiverse to your teams and projects. We're passionate and want to help you design, develop, test and transform your products, customer relationships and business goals.

The result is your digital platform, which you can scale for years and decades. With the Internet, the time to a billion users shrinks to 6 to 12 years. As Expandiverse's platform technologies mature, the time to add a new solution and scale it to a billion users may shrink to 6 to 12 months.

(Click image to see full size)


The "Big RISE" Market Sizes from Delivering Billions of Personal Solutions every Day

Investors expect ESG everywhere

(Click image to see full size)

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investments used to be acceptable if they could outperform traditional investments. Now ESG is becoming the expected standard for investments and assets.

How will investors find ESG investments and assets at the scale of tens of trillions of dollars that need good financial returns? If they help fund, develop and guide an Everybody Rise platform, they will drive the ESG Solutions Economy they need. They will maximize the profits from replacing the non-sustainable economy.

Example market size: The Climate Crisis

(Click image to see full size)

The opportunity for consumers to set their personal goals and receive "your next best steps" and "the short path to your goal" is revolutionary. In many industries, a leading company might turn its markets private and directly connected by making customers radically more successful.

The climate crisis is an example with worldwide personal desires to help end this. Providing sustainable solutions is projected to produce market sizes from $7 trillion for adapting to climate change, to $26 trillion for a new "climate economy.," to $145 trillion for the full economic benefits.


The Coming Online-First world: A Personal Solutions Planet

(Click images to see full size)

By 2025 to 2030 we can each receive humanity's combined guidance, abilities and digital resources every minute. We will start a historic stage where we can all improve our lives all day, every day. 

Continuous improvement by everyone will make Online-First Life and Business much more powerful than physical reality. We will live on an online-first planet, with personal global online super powers that never existed before.


Our waking hours increasingly shifted online during these two decades:

  • 2001: 6% of our waking hours were spent online at the peak of the first Internet boom
  • 2008: 18% of our waking hours were spent online as the iPhone began
  • 2016: 37% of our waking hours were spent online as mobile and social became the norm

2020: The Pandemic Shift to Online-First

The Covid-19 lockdown changed the world to Online-First. Within weeks work, life, school, shopping and entertainment were fully online. The three biggest lessons were:

  • Giant advances can happen quickly
  • Organizations and people are able to change overnight
  • The corporate leaders and losers are decided by these changes. 

The biggest competitive advantage was to see the online-first future coming, and develop those innovations and prepare. The rapid shift propelled new leaders to the top.

2024+: The Satellite-Enabled Internet

The 2020's will see the rise of the Satellite-Enabled Internet. When 7 billion people are connected, we will become an Online-First Planet: 

  • A Personal Solutions Economy will begin, and every person's life will improve faster than ever before.
  • Companies that are not online-first will risk extinction.
  • The leaders that deliver real-time solutions will add always-on connections that are personal and deep, and assist people all day long.

2025 to 2030+: The Solutions Economy

Huge digital transformations have become normal every decade. Those alive in 1980 were born in a physical-only world with only a physical reality. Then each decade transformed the world more:

  • The 1980's added PC's (Personal Computers)
  • The 1990's added the Internet and e-commerce
  • The '00's added smart phones and grew giant platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon
  • The 2010's added mobility, social media and surveillance
  • The 2020's will add personal solutions that flow to each person based on what they do each minute. Billions of people will improve their lives continuously, all day long. 

Welcome to 2030. A people-first world will change how everyone lives and how the "system" works. Empowered people decide their goals, and a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable digital "system" serves each of them personally. Everyone can use solutions that transform their lives and the world more every day.


Non-Solutions Businesses may Turn Extinct as Digital Innovation Accelerates

Technology has become the most powerful force driving change today, transforming industries and forcing large numbers of companies to fall behind. This opens the door for this new "system change technology" that people and companies can use to produce the world they want.

Directly connected companies will help large numbers of people by delivering solutions that help them achieve their goals.

But companies that keep delivering non-sustainable ads. products and content could lose market share, fall behind and see their shareholders demand new leadership.

(Click image to see full size)


A New "Visible Hand of the Market" Starts People-First Capitalism

Capitalist economies still reflect Adam Smith's "INVISIBLE hand of the market" from his 1776 milestone publication The Wealth of Nations. 

The Expandiverse evolves capitalism to a "people controlled VISIBLE hand of the market." This creates People-First Capitalism which delivers the world people choose, and drives RISE's new Solutions Economy.  

People-First Capitalism is simple. Companies can either serve user-selected goals or be made digitally invisible and lose their markets to people-first companies, with people-first employees, hungry to deliver the improved lives people choose.

Companies that continue destroying the world can be shown only enough data to make them change. Companies that lead the new people-first economy can know enough to roadmap their products and take market share — while each person's privacy is protected and the surveillance economy ended.

(Click image to see full size)

Since digital reality is constructed, People-First Capitalism empowers people to choose the world privately, with people-first companies delivering the solutions they want.

Universal goals like health, sustainability, prosperity and inclusion could be visible requirements for trillions of dollars in transactions. If this makes people-first companies the world's most powerful economic forces, they can also change politics.


An Expandiverse Example: Everybody RISE

"System change" is what happens when everyone can take control digitally, set their goals, receive humanity's "next best steps" and use the world's online resources to make improvements all day long.

An Expandiverse-based platform, named Everybody Rise, could be used billions of times every day. It could increase the achievements of each person, and the world, to transformative levels.

Everybody RISE starts small like any startup, delivers proof of concepts and scalable prototypes, then launches its components as they gain traction. It grows through digital blitz scaling to raise each person, and the world. Billions of people can receive digital exponential growth, not just the giant corporations.

(Click image to see full size)


The "Big Rise": Our Journey to the Top

People want to do good while they do better, with scalable solutions that are sustainable, healthy, fair and inclusive. With a personal dashboard, everyone can see their improvements and how much they make the world better, too.

These steps produce a sustainable economy, and help end the non-sustainable economy — enabling the world to advance faster by its 2030 climate change deadline.

(Click image to see full size)


Monetize RISE's People-First Capitalist Economy 

As solutions are used on the left, the connected actions and results from each use feed a data lake with dashboards reporting and AI learning. These drive a free platform of real-time Active Guides that can assist everyone (center) in making sustainable choices that help them grow economically.

Monetizations (on the right) support this free platform, which also drives the learning by its real-time Active Guides. This optimizes both commercial pricing and customer abilities to succeed — in a people-first "system" where everyone can be in control.

Doing this systematically delivers sustainable growth choices that improve people's lives. This grows a RISE ESG Sustainable Economy that includes commerce, user control and sustainable growth

(Click image to see full size)

The point of "system change" technology is to help enable 7+ billion people to Rise to economic prosperity. RISE is architected to continuously envision, test and prove sustainable people-first solutions — and deliver them for free at global scale.


The Expandiverse Vision: Start the ESG Solutions Stage of History

Our problems are now too big for governments, corporations, international organizations and philanthropies. Yet we need to reach a new stage where the world solves its overwhelming problems, and prevents catastrophes and conflicts.

One option is the "system change" platform, Everybody Rise. This grows a Solutions Economy where everyone can help solve our biggest problems in years instead of generations.

That's how we could start reaching the goal of the the 21st Century by 2025, and scale it by 2030: Become a healthy, prosperous and sustainable planet that includes everyone.

(Click image to see full size)

What do First Movers and Fast Followers get?

Those who decide to lead a positive future today may become leaders for decades to come.